How to produce ubuntu cd via script

Asked by Fabrizio Balliano on 2013-11-29

Hello everybody,
the question I'm going to ask floats in my mind since years, as I develop a few relatively known ubuntu remixes (ubuntu remix italiano and ubuntu mini remix) plus the (paused development now) of ubuntu customization kit.

I've been using livecd-root bash script for a lot of time to build a base ubuntu squashfs but now that this script it's been removed I couldn't find another working way (since 13.10).

Is it possibile to have a script showing how the official ubuntu cds are built? we've different tools like live-build etc but I couldn't find a clear workflow on how to reproduce the official cd from scratch. I believe this kind of script it's already there somewhere, to build the live images and the final releases.

Thank you everyone who could help!

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Mélodie (meets) said : #2


I was talking about the Ubuntu Mini Remix ISOS just today, with someone who is a great contributor to the Ubuntu project, saying how easy and nice it is to have it for a start.

I would also like very much Fabrizio Balliano to be able to continue his Ubuntu Mini Remix project, which allows easing the process of creating so many custom versions of Ubuntu!

I have put up some spins with Openbox, I know other people who did something identical with Mate, and that's a real pleasure to have such a good basis well done and easy to work on!

Didn't you notice? He put up versions in 32 and 64bits since some time now, and the only ones missing are Saucy and Trusty!

Please Sir Ubuntu developers, help him continue!

Best regards,

To add a little detail, I was using the script in the livecd-rootfs package but this scripts it's been removed now.

Gayle Adamyan (gayle-adamyan) said : #4

Please let Fabrizio continue his good work. I've been waiting patiently on the Saucy and Trusty versions of UMR for quite a while now. So let him know how it works so he can continue his work.

Phill Whiteside (phillw) said : #5

I've had an ask around and a dig around... I found which is also in the ubuntu area Not being familiar with ISO building, I'm going to ask further to see if I can find some one familiar with using it :)

Thank you very much Phill!

I took a look at simple-cdd but I think it's just the debian port of the package itself cause it has no references to ubuntu' servers (it's linking debian's ones) and no profiles to build ubuntu releases (but just debian ones).
So if i didn't read the source in a wrong way this is not what ubuntu's team is using to generate the official isos :(

Mélodie (meets) said : #7


I have asked again the question on the #ubuntu-devel IRC salon yesterday. I would also be interested to learn how to put up a bootable ISO from scratch, and someone gave me a few clues which I haven't visited yet. Here is what I have been told:

«melodie: apt-get install ubuntu-defaults-builder; man ubuntu-defaults-image; man ubuntu-defaults-template»

Please let me know if this is of any help?

Dayro (noghad) said : #8

Please developers, help UMR to continue to exist.

I've tried ubuntu-defaults-builder etc in the past months but I'll try them again asap, as far as i remember that approach didn't work 100% but I'll write my new results soon.
Thanks everybody!

Mélodie (meets) said : #10

Hi Fabrizio,

I will be looking forward to your progress. You have done such a good job so far, I will be very pleased to see you successfully continue this project. I hope you will find how to circumvent this issue!

I re-tried ubuntu-defaults-builder again and it's "quite working", the iso is generated (also if it seems a little bit too big) but:
- both the hybrid and the live iso do not boot
- the content of the iso is different from the official ubuntu ones (eg: missing wubi.exe)

i'll try to use the squashfs with UCK to build a bootable iso but this seems not to be the approach officially used.

I've to investigate more but I wanted to keep the thread up-to-date.

After a couple more hour of work I can say:
- got the isos generated by ubuntu-defaults-image to boot (probably some misconfiguration from first run)
- differences beetween these isos and the offical ones (eg: EFI support) are already tracked in the bug tracker

I think I can tweak the system a little bit to generate mini remixes again so at the moment I'd like to thank you all.

Mélodie (meets) said : #13


Thank you for your efforts, and I will be looking forward to downloading your next versions. Thanks a lot! :D

Phill Whiteside (phillw) said : #14

Please give us the details of what you needed. I'm currently working on a 3.13 kernel with non-pae support

I'll make ubuntu-defaults-builders to install just the "base" flavour (minimal + standard metapackages) inside the squashfs (no ubuntu-desktop or whatever) and leave the rest untouched.