Do you plan to support curl v7.40, for unix sockets support?

Asked by dreamcat4

This newer version of curl is needed for unix sockets.
Unfortunately, the official version 7.38 and that won't cut it.

What are your plans for curl, in terms of the officially supported version?

*Curl 7.40 was released on 08 January 2015

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dreamcat4 (dreamcat4) said :

Was thinking about making a private PPA in meantimes. However it seems not trivial the compiling and updating. With many patches including CVEs on the .38 version.

Yet when I look here:

Many other less popular distros are already are past 7.40.

In fact, since Debian is showing 7.42 then perhaps that might be another potential path to upgrade. If it happens to be similar enough to actually work on ubuntu. At least, without too much tweaking / modification.

At least they can be diffe'd (the trees) vs last ubuntu 7.38. To see what's the divergenece there.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

I suggest you report a bug. If the gains in the newer version are significant then the package will be updated.

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Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said :

Ubuntu 15.10 (wily, the current development release) already has a 7.42 version, see

Which Ubuntu release are you currently running?

If it is 15.04 (vivid), then the dependencies for the 7.42 package from wily seem to me manageable quite easily (or maybe they all are already met).

If you are running an older Ubuntu release (precise, trusty etc.), it will not be trivial to manage that the additional dependencies of curl 7.42 are fulfilled on that release (e.g. gnutls28)

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dreamcat4 (dreamcat4) said :

I see that was added 3 hour ago. When I asked the question that was not showing. I'm glad this news for wily to have 7.42.

Thanks Manfred for explaining the dependancies and compatibility. For the use case I'm running inside of docker, so in there could potentially be using 15.04 + install the pkg as you suggested.

Actually I was just finished setup to use netcat instead as a workaround. But in general, for docker folks being able to just use curl with the docker unix socket (for Docker rest API) is going to be very convenient after 15.10 comes out.

Many thanks for this.

I'd just like to confirm that on 15.04 to specify the correct APT source line add for WILY curl, and remove the line straight afterwards?

Because if I add:

deb wily main

That looks right but at the moment (since 3 hours ago) only sees the old previous version:

apt search curl
curl/wily 7.38.0-3ubuntu3 amd64 [upgradable from: 7.38.0-3ubuntu2.2]
  command line tool for transferring data with URL syntax

Which is not the new .42 yet.

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Best Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said :

Adding wily as another repository source for the package management programs like apt is not a good idea.
This might cause that lots of other programs get updated to instable development versions form the wily repositories.

You probably better just download the package (and its dependencies) manually without adding the repository.

The 7.42.1-2ubuntu1 version of curl is in the wily-proposed repository, so If you want to do it with a sources.list line, it most probably has to be
deb wily-proposed main
in addition to
deb wily main
(and maybe also universe, multiverse and/or restricted).

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dreamcat4 (dreamcat4) said :

Thanks Manfred Hampl, that solved my question.

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Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said :

Just a last disclaimer:
The wily release and the versions of the packages in it are work in progress and might get updated without prior notice (and might contain bugs as well).
It could be clever to check Launchpad periodically for new versions, e.g. on the page