Why are the plugins missing since 12.10?

Asked by HRJ on 2013-09-01

I have already filed a bug but there's been no response:

I am also trying to compile the plugin myself but it's going to take some time.

In the meanwhile, does anyone know why these plugins were pulled out from the packages?

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I suggest you post on the bug to centralize communications and so that the bug can be closed when it is resolved. Posting a question as well is a bit of a waste imho

HRJ (harshad-rj) said : #2

Thanks for responding.

I asked a question because I noticed more activity here than in the bugs. Also this is a meta-question focussed on "Why" whereas I see the bug as a more technical destination, dealing with "What" and "How".

I have been reading up a bit over the weekend, and my suspicion is that there is a general movement away from compiz in Ubuntu land. Is that true? Is there an alternative in the works?

My main concern is the ability to use my computer at night time, because I spend a considerable amount of time in front of a computer at night. There are a couple of solutions listed here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Backlight

But they are not perfect. They either change the brightness of the whole display (all channels), and/or don't affect the mouse cursor.

The compiz color filter was perfect as it gave total control over each channel.

HRJ (harshad-rj) said : #3

Ok, after some more digging I can see what the problem is. In version 0.9 of compiz, there seems to be a shift in how OpenGL shaders are used.

Found more details here:

Relevant part:
ARB Assembly Program Usage

As GL_ARB_fragment_program is not part of the OpenGL core profile or OpenGL|ES, it was removed in favor of GLSL shaders. Unfortunately, that means that any plugin that uses GLFragment to generate GPU assembly shaders needs to have that part rewritten. That warrants another article as it is a much larger subject.

So that's why the color filter plugin can't be compiled; it uses ARB programs to specify the filter.

I am now going to try and write an alternative plugin that doesn't use ARB. For my needs a simple plugin that can filter each color channels based on a percentage value should work fine.