How do I put images on the top and bottom of the desktop cube?

Asked by Nathaniel edwards on 2011-09-14

How do I put images on the top and bottom of the desktop cube? like in this link

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I only know you can do the top. Its part of the cube desktop settings. They are called cube caps. It will be set in ccsm. If you can't run ccsm then run:

sudo apt-get -y install compizconfig-settings-manager

And you will get the command

Nathaniel edwards (loekanle) said : #2

They only give me the option to set colors not add images so how do I set images because it can be done just look at the link

I'd just ask the dude in the video. It has been uploaded recently so should apply to compiz 0.9.5

Nathaniel edwards (loekanle) said : #4

What??????? none I the great launchpad guru know how to set the images on the cube caps

this cant be!!!!!!!!!!!

did I finally ask a question that cant be answered

I don't use compiz cube. I use 1 desktop alone so why do I need to use resources when I don't need to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do multiple excllamation marks achieve??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe others can answer, did you think of that? There are other contributing on here you know, it's not just me

Nathaniel edwards (loekanle) said : #6

The excallamations are to express my utter shock that the great actionparship didn't know

and how do I get the others to help or to contribute not that I dont appreciate all the help you have provided,
you my friend have served me well and I thank you

I don't know much of compiz.I think its a waste of time and causes too many issue for basic stuff for the sake of some worthless eye candy.

If you just keep the question open, others may see it and contribute. I'd definately ask the user in the video as s/he has obviously achieved what you desire so asking them is a smart move :)

Nathaniel edwards (loekanle) said : #8

oh it is some sweet eye candy tho
the ability to operate on multiple desktops and switch through them real fast using command keys is so awesome

I can drag things into different work areas and switch through them is the future

Nathaniel edwards (loekanle) said : #9

oh and that guy who made the video hasnt been on youtube in months, so you and the other ubuntu gurus are my only hope.