xserver-xgl with firefox crash XGL session

Asked by MsDark on 2007-07-26

I use Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 3 with ATI Radeon 9550 connect3D (rv350) with fglrx driver installed with restricted-manager and works fine almost in normal session.

When i running Compiz Fusion (the desktop effects) in obviously XGL session (cause my driver) and i run firefox the screen freeze at random time.
I find a bug? i must report them?

I have direct rendering: yes when i run glxinfo | grep direct, but in mi xorg.conf i don't have
Section "Extensions"
      Option "Composite" "Disable"

I must put this line in my xorg.conf?

Sorry for my englis but is not my native language.


In spanish:
Use Gutsy Tribe 3 con una ATI Radoen 9550 connect3D (fglrx) y los drivers propietarios instalados gracias a restricted-manager

Cuando inicio sesion XGL para usar Compiz Fusion y corro firefox la pantalla se congela y no puedo hacer nada, debo reportalo como bug???


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peter b (b1pete) said : #1


If I may

-gutsy is still under development; do you have to have gutsy? why not use the feisty release?
-under feisty with your video card you can use the open source driver instead of fglrx. do you have to have fglrx?
-beryl works v well with the open source driver under feisty.

I'd recommend to take a look at


peter b

MsDark (msdarkici) said : #2

The trued is that... with feisty i can't activate the 3d aceleration for my card, i try with fglrx and radeon, but does'nt work, only the fglrx work, but the XGL session crash at random.

I test Gutsy in my other pc, only for try this (i like to do a test of all things), and the fglrx driver works fine in a session without XGL, but using XGL crash at random (i think the problem is my ATI).

I try the radeon driver in Gutsy and doesn't work, only one time works fine, the rest of the time i only see a black screen.

Thanks a lot!!!
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La verdad es que con feisty no pude activar la aceleración 3d para mi tarjeta intenté con fglrx y radeon, pero ninguno funciono, solo el fglrx funcionaba un poco, pero usando XGL nada....

Estoy probando gutsy en el otro pc, solo por intentarlo (me gusta ser betatester de todo), y el driver fglrx funciona super bien, pero no con XGL, cuando intento usar la sesión XGL, de repente funciona bien y otras no (creo que es netamente mi ATI)
Cuando probe el driver libre radeon en Gutsy no funcionaba, solo una vez de todos los intentos funciono bien, el resto del tiempo, solo lograba ver una pantalla negra.


peter b (b1pete) said : #3

you MUST uninstall fglrx driver before the open source driver is installed otherwise it will not work. the open source driver link above is NOT meant for gutsy, for sure it does not mention gutsy and the same is true for existing fglrx drivers -they are NOT designed for a release under development -gutsy.

with the open source driver you DO NOT need XGL. Beryl with AIGLX does not need XGL. The open source driver gives you 3d acceleration.

I have an ATI 9600 SE on AGP and works flawlessly with the open source driver and Beryl.

peter b

peter b (b1pete) said : #4

sorry, I forgot to mention that XGL must be uninstalled also.

peter b