Is it possible to merge the contib package into the main package?

Asked by Tiger Beard

I noted that may used installling CodeBlocks from the repository fail to install the full iDE. Thats actually very easy, because the main repository package named "codeblocks" does not contain the majority of the functions that make CodeBlocks a good IDE in daily use. Missing things are e.g. the global search, the Symbols Browser, the integrated GUI "wxSmith" etc.

I personally find the basic install with

  sudo apt codeblocks

even unusable for programming. A minimal installation imho is
  sudo apt codeblocks
  sudo apt codeblocks-common
  sudo apt codeblocks-contrib

The reason that the source code has the majority of the current developments in the a separate "contrib" section may be historical. But today there is little point to build a code blocks without these functions.

Is there any way to merge these packages into a single CodeBlocks package? The maintainer should have this option, shouldn't he/she?
Maybe there is any reason I do not see why this would be useful and I would be interested to learn it. But the consequence is that a lot of users out there are using a IDE that is quite crippled, only because they have no idea that the packet "codeblocks-contrib" is not as purrely optional as it sounds.

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Best Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said :

The version numbers of codeblocks on Ubuntu do not contain the string "ubuntu". That means that the package was copied from Debian without Ubuntu-specific modification. If you want to suggest a modification in the package, then you should ask Debian.

What you might do is creating a bug report in the Debian bug tracker to request that the dependency of codeblocks-contrib in the codeblocks package is changed from "suggests" to "recommends". This should cause that codeblocks-contrib is automatically installed together with codeblocks package (unless the --no-install-recommends option is added).

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Tiger Beard (catman2) said :

Well thats indeed a better suggestion as it does not break anything like automated scripts etc.

Thanks for the advice.

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Tiger Beard (catman2) said :

Thanks Manfred Hampl, that solved my question.