New Installation, but Avira Antivirus no longer works - why?

Asked by Martin J. Marsh

To eliminate MS remnants and messed up Wubi drive, I made a new installation of Ubuntu (10.04) from CD, then I decided to reinstall Avira antivirus, which I had before. I installed it all as before, just now I edited the configuration files to select the options I had before. It does not seem to be working, and there is an error on boot-up which did not occur before adding Avira. Avira installation sequence showed that it had downloaded and added required Dazuko packages, but they don't seem to be anywhere on my computer, nor are they mentioned in available software!? Is there still any independent morality or community ethics out there? What the hell is going on? Is there any better answer than "you need a new screen mister?" ...

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Martin J. Marsh (marshgrz) said :

Problem could also be first security update from Ubuntu?

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Martin J. Marsh (marshgrz) said :

I have separately downloaded Dazuko package from website - that, from feedback given, was supposed to have been downloaded automatically and installed previously. Installation went OK after working out how, i.e. I re-installed Avira antivirus with Dazuko in handy position in tmp directory. Now it seems to scan OK, according to feedback given, but Avira Gnome Desktop icon does not appear at all, even after installing Java. What is getting thin is my good manners; however progress is progress!

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Martin J. Marsh (marshgrz) said :

Martin J. Marsh suggests this article as an answer to your question:
First two steps are essential - install Avira Anti-virus package and be sure to install Dazuko (3.0 is latest version) with it. Dazuko is necessary for Avguard, which will show the Avguard "umbrella" (Schirm) applet in Gnome desktop.
Then: check the menu bar at top with a right click in a blank space where you want the applet to show... select "Add to Panel". If the Avira umbrella symbol appears in the list of options, you can add it.
If not:
Open Gnome-terminal, and with root user permissions, enter command " apt-get install xfce4-xfapplet-plugin ".
Check with a right click on the menu bar again, then celebrate.
Sources/validation: --- Dreamer78 Sonntag, 31. Mai 2009, 14:16 "Hallo, das Applet von AntiVir ist regulär für Gnome..." Alternatively, there's a guy called Wolfram ( who has the applet source-code in a cached repository, but you'd have to find it via a Google search for the Avira Gnome applet, then find your own answer as to how to install.