Is chromium snap safe to use?

Asked by mindaugasd on 2019-11-08

Its not the first time I read about some critical security bug in chromium, and snap does not get updated for weeks. Why?
I am scared to use this snap, waiting for updates all the time, but they do not come.
For example, this is released 8 days ago and this snap still have no update. Since I am web developer and and server got hacked yesterday (at the time then I was working), and I am constantly being redirected to unsafe websites, is it safe for me? Probably very unsafe, maybe I am hacked already...
Is it acceptable? Its not the first time, half a year ago was the same thing. What is the policy, to not care for security updates?
Another thing I don't get, I see on lauchpad that chromium has "stable 2019-11-07 Stable channel update: 78.0.3904.97.", but here on the store it says latest/stable 78.0.3904.70 29 October 2019 , which is the same on my computer. Why the difference? If the package is build, why it is not released?

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All software has bugs and security issues to some degree. Yes its safe to use. Just keep updating and bugs and issues will be resolved when they can. This is the nature of all software on the planet

mindaugasd (mindaugasdi) said : #2

Question is about the snap, not about bugs.

mindaugasd (mindaugasdi) said : #3

Chromium got updated few moments ago. After 8 days of security issue, but 2 hours after my question.
At least in web development, if critical security issue is published online, website will definatelly get hacked in few days time.
Why it should be different with web browsers, excpecially since I was redirected to so many unsafe websites past few days...

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #4

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mindaugasd (mindaugasdi) said : #6

I will answer my own question. Chromium snap is not safe to use, because whomever is working on it do not care about security as I see from their non-actions, non-response.

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #7

I do not know what "non-actions, non-response" you are talking about

The version of chromium-browser in Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and 19.04 is 78.0.3904.108

And the version of the chromium snap (stable) is the same:
latest/stable 78.0.3904.108 19 November 2019
latest/candidate 78.0.3904.108 22 November 2019
latest/beta 79.0.3945.45 22 November 2019
latest/edge 80.0.3962.2 11 November 2019

mindaugasd (mindaugasdi) said : #8

"I do not know" - Its simple to know, please read previous comments, since I already wrote that snap got updated a few weeks ago. Snap does get a frequent update, but maintainers do not care to update at times then its really needed as if security issues is not on their radar.