How to change repositories that are listed?

Asked by AnRkey on 2007-06-20


I am working on a site that helps people setup an "Ubuntu on tap" network port. How do I change the list of repositories that are available in the network installer? Would I have to make the changes and recompile from source to do this? Any info would be really cool.



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Markus Thielmann (thielmann) said : #1

Thanks for your question.

Reconstructor ( will help you with that. Sorry for the short answer, but I guess you're experienced enough to handle installation and usage of that application. :-)

AnRkey (anrkey) said : #2

Hi Markus

Thanks for the response. I have had a look at reconstructor and it's a brilliant tool but it's not related to my question (unless i am not seeing something). I need to know how to change the list of repositories that are available in the network installer.

Thanks though :)


Markus Thielmann (thielmann) said : #3

Well, which ubuntu image do you serve the users? Since there's not "network installer" image, do you refer to ubuntu's netboot mini.iso?

If you used some kind of "tutorial", please provide it's location.

AnRkey (anrkey) said : #4

I used this tutorial for setting up the PXE server >> and this tutorial for setting up my own mirror of >>

That all worked fine and we use the setup to boot into the net boot image pxelinux.0 (I found that /var/lib/tftpboot has mini.iso like you said) and then we specify our local repository mirror for the installation. It works really well however we would like to change or remove the list of available mirrors so that only our local mirror shows.

Once I have changed everything to suite our needs, I want to create a howto for this and put it up at

Thanks for your help so far, your earlier post has helped us with another problem we had so it's all good :)



Best AnRkey (anrkey) said : #5

Hi Markus

I just wanted to let you know that I found what I was looking for.

Kickstart >>
Preseeding >>

I hope this helps someone else.

Thanks for your time!