How LiveCDPersistence basicly works?

People, I need a little, basic explanation on how this LiveCDPersistence works.
Has any one seen how the LiveCDPersistence works?
Does it save versoins of user modified files to FlashDrive in the same structure as the LiveCD filesystem? and then on the boot if a file on the DlashDrive has same name and folder as on the LiveCD, then it loads the file from LiveCDPersist FlashDrive. Is this the idea?

If so, I believe I could
1 - install new programs with the LiveCDPersistence to a flesh drive,
2 - then decompress the LiveCD to hard drive and
3 - copy the contents of the LiveCDPersistence FlashDrive to the same folder replasing original LiveCD files with their modified LiveCDPersistence versions.
4 - Compress it back and here is the new custom liveCD!

Am I going crazy? Or is it really possible?

Is this the way LiveCDPersistence works?
Is anyone familiar with the concept?
Has any one seen LiveCDPersistenceFlashDrive files/filesystem?

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Andy Ferguson (teknostatik) said :


There's a wiki page at which should hopefully answer some of your questions.

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Serhey Kusyumoff (Сергій Кусюмов) (sergemine) said :

Yeh. Thank you. That is a wonderful wiki. I read it and it did answer many of my questions. When the one I still gave goes a little bid further than wiki usually describe. I placed this ticket hoping may be a developer envolved with it, or someone who simply had a look at the contents of LiveCDPersistenceFlashDrive filesystem (I would do that myself just that I do not have Dapper yet) could explaine the basic mechanism of this funtionality. PLS

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Matthew Lange (matthewlange) said :

Basically how it works is this:

1) You make a liveCD
2) You format a USB stick
3) Once you've set up the persistence, any "changes" you make to the liveCD such as preferences, website favorites, etc are stored to the USB stick.
4) Next time you boot it up, it loads the liveCD, and notes what has been changed from the memory stick. Basically the USB stick keeps a list of what changes it needs to make to make it "yours". Once the liveCD loads, it applies those changes, and it looks just like you left it.

Although it may be possible, with 2 cdroms, a usb stick, 2 CD-RW disks and a lot of memory, to make rewriteable liveCDs, I don't think that was the purpose.

I hope that explains it better!

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Serhey Kusyumoff (Сергій Кусюмов) (sergemine) said :

Thank you very much. Just one question I still have: Let's imagine the files on original CD could be modified (I know it is not possible since it is readonly, but there is a wiki on CDRemastering for Breezy, it could be a way around). So if I took the contents of USBStick (the modified versions of CD files) and copy-paseted those to the CD. Wouldn't I get a "MY CD" not needing a USBStick? Wouldn't this work?
Can it be as simple as that? Or there is something I missed which makes it impossible?
Thank you.

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Serhey Kusyumoff (Сергій Кусюмов) (sergemine) said :

I need to do it just once. Not to make it a read&write filesystem

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Daniel C. Axelrod (daxelrod) said :

If you just want to be able to burn a custmized LiveCD, check out Reconstructor ( ) or UCK ( ).

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