PROBLEM FOR UPDATING package broken(pls help)

Asked by z3r0c007 on 2011-10-25

The package system is broken

Check if you are using third party repositories. If so disable them, since they are a common source of problems.
Furthermore run the following command in a Terminal: apt-get install -f

The following packages have unmet dependencies:

libcaribou0: Depends: libc6 (>= 2.3.6-6~) but 2.13-20ubuntu5 is installed
             Depends: libgee2 (>= 0.5.0) but is installed
             Depends: libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.27.5) but 2.30.1-0ubuntu1~11.10~ricotz1 is installed
             Depends: libgtk-3-0 (>= 3.0.0) but 3.2.1-0ubuntu1~11.10~ricotz0 is installed
             Depends: libxklavier16 (>= 5.1) but 5.1-1ubuntu1 is installed
             Depends: libxml2 (>= 2.7.4) but 2.7.8.dfsg-4 is installed
             Depends: libcaribou-common (= 0.4.1-0ubuntu1~11.10~ricotz0) but it is not installed

an error occurred, please run package manager from the right-click menu or apt-get in a terminal to see what is wrong.
the error messages was: 'error brokencount > 0'. this usually means that your installed packages have unmet dependencies

using terminal.
E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)
E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?

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What did you do to initially generate the issue?

z3r0c007 (kimchloekc) said : #2

I USE ONLY update manager to update my ubuntu

Are there any bugs reported for it?

z3r0c007 (kimchloekc) said : #4

while opening my ubuntu software center error of this one:

installArchives() failed: (Reading database ...
(Reading database ... 5%
(Reading database ... 10%
(Reading database ... 15%
(Reading database ... 20%
(Reading database ... 25%
(Reading database ... 30%
(Reading database ... 35%
(Reading database ... 40%
(Reading database ... 45%
(Reading database ... 50%
(Reading database ... 55%
(Reading database ... 60%
(Reading database ... 65%
(Reading database ... 70%
(Reading database ... 75%
(Reading database ... 80%
(Reading database ... 85%
(Reading database ... 90%
(Reading database ... 95%
(Reading database ... 100%
(Reading database ... 368129 files and directories currently installed.)

Unpacking libcaribou-common (from .../libcaribou-common_0.4.1-0ubuntu1~11.10~ricotz0_i386.deb) ...

dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libcaribou-common_0.4.1-0ubuntu1~11.10~ricotz0_i386.deb (--unpack):

 trying to overwrite '/usr/share/caribou/layouts/scan/us.xml', which is also in package caribou 0.3.92-0ubuntu1

No apport report written because MaxReports is reached already
Errors were encountered while processing:


Error in function:

dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of libcaribou0:

 libcaribou0 depends on libcaribou-common (= 0.4.1-0ubuntu1~11.10~ricotz0); however:

  Package libcaribou-common is not installed.

dpkg: error processing libcaribou0 (--configure):

 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured

dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of gir1.2-caribou-1.0:

 gir1.2-caribou-1.0 depends on libcaribou0 (= 0.4.1-0ubuntu1~11.10~ricotz0); however:

  Package libcaribou0 is not configured yet.

dpkg: error processing gir1.2-caribou-1.0 (--configure):

 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured

z3r0c007 (kimchloekc) said : #5

can you help me for this matter

Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said : #6

The problem seems related to using a ppa.

"dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libcaribou-common_0.4.1-0ubuntu1~11.10~ricotz0_i386.deb (--unpack):
 trying to overwrite '/usr/share/caribou/layouts/scan/us.xml', which is also in package caribou 0.3.92-0ubuntu1"

The rizotz0 version of libcaribou-common seems incompatible to the standard caribou package.

One option might be to remove the standard caribou package, and to install it again (that should then install it from the ppa). [Caution: I have not checked the rdepends of caribou, removing caribou might deinstall some packages that are important for you!]

Then run:

sudo dpkg --force-all -i /var/cache/apt/archives/libcaribou-common_0.4.1-0ubuntu1~11.10~ricotz0_i386.deb; sudo apt-get -f install

Can you give the output of:

apt-cache policy libcaribou-common


z3r0c007 (kimchloekc) said : #8

thanks to all

Terry Leonard (r6-terry) said : #9

This one appeared to have a lot of people stumped and I am really surprised that the vets haven't spoken up. It is really pretty simple, the ricotz PPA is a work in progress. Go into Package Manager and remove the checks next to both entries for ricotz, then run "apt-get update". After that run "apt-get remove caribou", that will produce an error and want you to run "apt-get -f install", that is the way to go. Once you run that dpkg fixes the issues and you can then recheck the ricotz repositories. I was in a hurry when I posted this so let me know if I typed something wrong.

Terry Leonard