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Asked by Ferante Gu

Note : the first person could not help me, I unsubscribed from him and waited, but no one else took this on.
My first time, please let me know if I did this wrong.

Now, the question:
I am on a MAC. I have ~1500 books in Calibre and I want to bulk-edit them. I will only use one editing operation on all of them - Tools / Compress Images Losslessly (BUT! - I also want to have the "lossy compression" option checked, at the default 80).
Is there ANY way to do this in bulk, it is killing me to do it one by one.
Even if Calibre can't do it, but another program can, please let me know.

1) The person who was helping me before provided me with this Terminal script:

for f in $(ls -R yourebookdirectory/*.epub); do ebook-polish --compress-images $f; done

Please confirm it is correct and that I should paste the whole thing at once in Terminal.

2) Can you help me change the default settings for Editing Books in Calibre, so that the Lossy option is always checked?
(I figure, if I did that, and THEN used the script above, it mght work)

3) Can you help me find the Polish Book plugin? I see in the plugins list there is an active “Polish Book” plugin, but i don't see it in actual Calibre menus.
Thank you!!!

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Ferante Gu (ferante1) said :

Read some forums and learned it was as easy as selecting the books and pressing P. Too bad I was given unexecutable scripts. Too bad no one stepped up to help me.