Cannot Add Books in Calibre

Asked by Rick Heiberg on 2016-06-02

I can't seem to add books in Calibre using the Add Books Icon. The Error it gives me is a s follows. I've tried re-installing and restarting my Windows 10 Laptop. I can add them by draging and dropping however

calibre, version 2.57.1
ERROR: Cannot add books: You do not have permission to read any of the selected files

C:\Program Files\Calibre2\17:43.32 1[dbg] In DllGetClassObject
17:43.32 2[dbg] CShellExtClassFactory::CShellExtClassFactory()
17:43.32 3[dbg] CShellExtClassFactory::QueryInterface()
17:43.32 4[dbg] CShellExtClassFactory::CreateInstance()
17:43.32 5[dbg] CShellExt::CShellExt()
17:43.32 6[dbg] CShellExt::QueryInterface()==>IID_IShellIconOverlayIdentifier
17:43.32 7[dbg] CShellExt::AddRef()
17:43.32 8[dbg] CShellExt::AddRef()
17:43.32 9[dbg] CShellExt::Release()
17:43.32 10[dbg] Looping before Zumo is running
17:43.32 11[dbg] CShellExt::QueryInterface()==>IID_IShellIconOverlayIdentifier
17:43.32 12[dbg] CShellExt::AddRef()
17:43.32 13[dbg] CShellExt::Release()
17:43.32 14[dbg] Entering CShellExt::GetOverlayInfo
17:43.32 15[dbg] Icon path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP CloudDrive\icons\deflated.ico
17:43.32 16[dbg] Exiting CShellExt::GetOverlayInfo successfully.
17:43.32 17[dbg] Time to execute: 0ms
17:43.32 18[dbg] Entering CShellExt::GetPriority
17:43.32 19[dbg] Exiting CShellExt::GetPriority
17:43.32 20[dbg] In DllGetClassObject
17:43.32 21[dbg] CShellExtClassFactory::CShellExtClassFactory()
17:43.32 22[dbg] CShellExtClassFactory::QueryInterface()
17:43.32 23[dbg] CShellExtClassFactory::CreateInstance()
17:43.32 24[dbg] CShellExt::CShellExt()
17:43.32 25[dbg] CShellExt::QueryInterface()==>IID_IShellIconOverlayIdentifier
17:43.32 26[dbg] CShellExt::AddRef()
17:43.32 27[dbg] CShellExt::AddRef()
17:43.32 28[dbg] CShellExt::Release()
17:43.32 29[dbg] CShellExt::QueryInterface()==>IID_IShellIconOverlayIdentifier
17:43.32 30[dbg] CShellExt::AddRef()
17:43.32 31[dbg] CShellExt::Release()
17:43.32 32[dbg] Entering CShellExt::GetOverlayInfo
17:43.32 33[dbg] Icon path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP CloudDrive\icons\download.ico
17:43.32 34[dbg] Exiting CShellExt::GetOverlayInfo successfully.
17:43.32 35[dbg] Time to execute: 0ms
17:43.32 36[dbg] Entering CShellExt::GetPriority
17:43.32 37[dbg] Exiting CShellExt::GetPriority
17:43.32 38[dbg] In DllGetClassObject
17:43.32 39[dbg] CShellExtClassFactory::CShellExtClassFactory()
17:43.32 40[dbg] CShellExtClassFactory::QueryInterface()
17:43.32 41[dbg] CShellExtClassFactory::CreateInstance()
17:43.32 42[dbg] CShellExt::CShellExt()
17:43.32 43[dbg] CShellExt::QueryInterface()==>IID_IShellIconOverlayIdentifier
17:43.32 44[dbg] CShellExt::AddRef()
17:43.32 45[dbg] CShellExt::AddRef()
17:43.32 46[dbg] CShellExt::Release()
17:43.32 47[dbg] CShellExt::QueryInterface()==>IID_IShellIconOverlayIdentifier
17:43.32 48[dbg] CShellExt::AddRef()
17:43.32 49[dbg] CShellExt::Release()
17:43.32 50[dbg] Entering CShellExt::GetOverlayInfo
17:43.32 51[dbg] Icon path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP CloudDrive\icons\share.ico
17:43.32 52[dbg] Exiting CShellExt::GetOverlayInfo successfully.
17:43.32 53[dbg] Time to execute: 0ms
17:43.32 54[dbg] Entering CShellExt::GetPriority
17:43.32 55[dbg] Exiting CShellExt::GetPriority
17:43.32 56[dbg] In DllGetClassObject
17:43.32 57[dbg] CShellExtClassFactory::CShellExtClassFactory()
17:43.32 58[dbg] CShellExtClassFactory::QueryInterface()
17:43.32 59[dbg] CShellExtClassFactory::CreateInstance()
17:43.32 60[dbg] CShellExt::CShellExt()
17:43.32 61[dbg] CShellExt::QueryInterface()==>IID_IShellIconOverlayIdentifier
17:43.32 62[dbg] CShellExt::AddRef()
17:43.32 63[dbg] CShellExt::AddRef()
17:43.32 64[dbg] CShellExt::Release()
17:43.32 65[dbg] CShellExt::QueryInterface()==>IID_IShellIconOverlayIdentifier
17:43.32 66[dbg] CShellExt::AddRef()
17:43.32 67[dbg] CShellExt::Release()
17:43.32 68[dbg] Entering CShellExt::GetOverlayInfo
17:43.32 69[dbg] Icon path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP CloudDrive\icons\upload.ico
17:43.32 70[dbg] Exiting CShellExt::GetOverlayInfo successfully.
17:43.32 71[dbg] Time to execute: 0ms
17:43.32 72[dbg] Entering CShellExt::GetPriority
17:43.32 73[dbg] Exiting CShellExt::GetPriority
17:43.32 74[dbg] In DllGetClassObject
17:43.32 75[dbg] CShellExtClassFactory::CShellExtClassFactory()
17:43.32 76[dbg] CShellExtClassFactory::QueryInterface()
17:43.32 77[dbg] CShellExtClassFactory::CreateInstance()
17:43.32 78[dbg] CShellExt::CShellExt()
17:43.32 79[dbg] CShellExt::QueryInterface()==>IID_IShellIconOverlayIdentifier
17:43.32 80[dbg] CShellExt::AddRef()
17:43.32 81[dbg] CShellExt::AddRef()
17:43.32 82[dbg] CShellExt::Release()
17:43.32 83[dbg] CShellExt::QueryInterface()==>IID_IShellIconOverlayIdentifier
17:43.32 84[dbg] CShellExt::AddRef()
17:43.32 85[dbg] CShellExt::Release()
17:43.32 86[dbg] Entering CShellExt::GetOverlayInfo
17:43.32 87[dbg] Icon path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP CloudDrive\icons\fw.ico
17:43.32 88[dbg] Exiting CShellExt::GetOverlayInfo successfully.
17:43.32 89[dbg] Time to execute: 0ms
17:43.32 90[dbg] Entering CShellExt::GetPriority
17:43.32 91[dbg] Exiting CShellExt::GetPriority
17:43.35 92[dbg] Drive not mounted file not exist
17:43.35 93[dbg] last print time1464907415
17:43.37 94[dbg] Looping before Zumo is running
17:43.37 95[dbg] Drive not mounted file not exist
17:43.37 96[dbg] last print time1464907417
17:43.42 97[dbg] Looping before Zumo is running
17:43.42 98[dbg] Drive not mounted file not exist
17:43.42 99[dbg] last print time1464907422
17:43.43 100[dbg] Drive not mounted file not exist
17:43.43 101[dbg] last print time1464907423
17:43.45 102[dbg] Drive not mounted file not exist
17:43.45 103[dbg] last print time1464907425
17:43.47 104[dbg] Looping before Zumo is running
17:43.47 105[dbg] Drive not mounted file not exist
17:43.47 106[dbg] last print time1464907427
17:43.47 107[dbg] In DLLCanUnloadNow : 0
\MYCLOUD\Public\Documents\My Kindle Content\B001GXF2YO_EBOK.azw

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This is Ubuntu support only. You need a Windows forum.

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