Feature Request - Ability to Edit the Title Fields in Bulk & to be able to append extra information to Titles (in Bulk)

Asked by danfreedom23 on 2015-03-28

I use Calibre to organise and Tag my Comics…
I presently use ComicTagger to create CBL tags for my comics, which I then import into Calibre using the CBZ format.
(The comicvine plug-in for Calibre is a little basic and has a low percentage of successful hits…
I mostly have to supply it with comicvine:12345 from the website into the ID field in Calibre!
Comictagger nearly always finds the correct comic!)

Calibre picks up the Tags sucessfully, but leaves me with one problem!
The Titles!
I only have the title of the Single Issue…

–I'd like to be able to alter and append extra information to the comic titles in Bulk!
like instead of "Issue Title"
I'd prefer
Series, Vol.01, #001 Issue Title
and changing each title one by one, is a bit time consuming!
I end up spending more time tagging the comics than actually reading them!

I have started extensively use the Series Function in Calibre at the moment for this:
ie I add the information like
Series, Vol.01 Volume Title (*which I am beginning to think might be the best solution!)
but half of my comic collection has now the title format:
Series, Vol.01 Volume Title, #001

So in order to achieve a uniform title scheme, I am either going to have to choose to just use the ISSUE title and use the SERIES field to store what Volume number and Series it is part of,
in which case I am going to need to edit all the Titles I already have, IN BULK! (change them all to just the single Issue titles)
plus maybe I will make two extra custom series column to indicate weather I have a single Volume (combining the issues into a TradePaperBack or is the Volume simply make up of separate issues?)

So It looks like I am gonna have to edit a lot of titles in Bulk!
So I guess what I am really asking is,
Do you guys have any ideas how I can best do this?
…maybe even using the Search and Replace function to remove the Volume information from the titles might work?

…sorry I know, I slightly confusing request on my part!

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

I suggest you report a bug. Mark it as a feature request

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danfreedom23 (danfreedom23) said :

OK thanks, but I am new to this forum;
so you suggest I posted this in the wrong area?
I should repost my request for the ability to edit & append extra information to the Title fields (in Bulk) in the Calibre Metadata
as a BUG report?
but to mark that as a feature request?

*The ability to edit/append in Bulk would be a REAL Time saver!

is there an easy way to move this question directly to to the BUG section?
or will I have to find the BUG and repost the question/request there?

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danfreedom23 (danfreedom23) said :

OK, think I have done that correctly now, added the request in the Bug report section, and mentioned in the title that its a feature request!

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