there is a new version available.

Asked by Seth on 2010-02-17

there is a new version available: Release: 0.6.42 [20 Feb, 2010]
can we get the repositories updated?


Release: 0.6.42 [20 Feb, 2010]
Bug Fixes

    * Fix regression that broke catalog generation from the Graphical User Interface in 0.6.41
    * Fix right edge of comics like Dilbert and xkcd getting cut off on the SONY reader. More generally, take page margins into account when rescaling images to fit in the selected output profile.

Release: 0.6.41 [19 Feb, 2010]
New Features

    * Make calibre timezone aware. This required lots of internal changes, so I may have broken something
    * Allow editing of metadata in DRMed MOBI files
    * ebook-convert: Allow passing URLs as argument to --cover

      Closes tickets: 4909 [External link]
    * OS X/linux driver for EB511
    * ebook-meta: Allow changing of published date
    * Make replacing of files in ZIP archives faster and (hopefully) more robust
    * Speed optimization for viewing large EPUB files
    * Speed up parsing of OPF files

      Closes tickets: 4908 [External link]

Bug Fixes

    * Fix drag and drop of multiple books to OS X dock icon

      Closes tickets: 4849 [External link]
    * MOBI Output: Encode titles as UTF-8 in the PalmDoc header as well as the EXTH header, since there are apparently MOBI readers that use the title from the PalmDoc header in preference to the title from the EXTH header.
    * MOBI Output: Remove soft hyphens as the Kindle doesn't support them.

      Closes tickets: 4887 [External link]
    * Fix Boox main mem and SD card swapped on windows
    * Fix sending large ebook fiels to devices

      Closes tickets: 4896 [External link]
    * EPUB Output: Strip invalid anchors from NCX TOC as Adobe Digital Editions cries when it sees one

      Closes tickets: 4907 [External link]
    * EPUB metadata: Don't set title_sort as a file_as attribute, as the brain-dead OPF spec doesn't allow this
    * Make publishing the content server via mDNS a little more robust
    * Content server: Use new exact matching for greater precision when generating OPDS catalogs. Also fix regression that broke rowsing by Tags on Stanza.
    * Proper fix for breakage in LRF viewer caused by API change in QGraphicsItem in Qt 4.6

New news sources

    * Various Polish news sources by Tomaz Dlugosz
    * Que Leer, Wired UK by Darko Miletic
    * Kathermini and Ta Nea by Pan
    * Winter Olympics by Starson17

Improved news sources

    * Wired Magazine

Release: 0.6.40 [12 Feb, 2010]
New Features

    * Ability to perform exact match and regular expression based searches.

      Closes tickets: 4830 [External link]

      "You can now perform exact match searches by prefixing your search term with an =. So for example, tag:=fiction will match all tags named fiction, but not tags named non-fiction. Similarly, you can use regular expression based searches by prefixing the search term by ~."
    * Autodetect if a zip/rar file is actually a comic and if so, import it as CBZ/CBR

      Closes tickets: 4753 [External link]
    * Add plugin to automatically extract an ebook during import if it is in a zip/rar archive
    * Linux source install: Install a calibre environment module to ease the integration of calibre into other python projects

Bug Fixes

    * Fix regression in 0.6.39 that broke the LRF viewer
    * ZIP/EPUB files: Try to detect file name encoding instead of assuming the name is encoded in UTF-8. Also correctly encode the extracted file name in the local filesystem encoding.
    * HTML Input: Handle HTML fragments more gracefully

      Closes tickets: 4854 [External link]
    * Zip files: Workaround invalid zip files that contain end-of-file comments but set comment size to zero
    * Restore the recipe for the Wired daily feed.

      Closes tickets: 4871 [External link]
    * MOBI metadata: Preserve original EXTH records when not overwrriten by calibre metadata.
    * Catalog generation: Improved series sorting. All books not in a series are now grouped together
    * Fix occassional threading related crash when using the ChooseFormatDialog
    * Catalog generation: Various fixes for handling invalid data

New news sources

    * Sueddeustche Zeitung by Darko Miletic

Improved news sources

    * Pagina 12
    * Variety
    * Toronto Sun
    * Telegraph UK
    * Danas
    * Dilbert

Release: 0.6.39 [09 Feb, 2010]
New Features

    * Add ability to control how author sort strings are automatically generated from author strings, via the config file
    * Handle broken EPUB files from Project Gutenberg that have invalid OCF containers

      Closes tickets: 4832 [External link]

Bug Fixes

    * Fix regression in 0.6.38 that broke setting bookmarks in the viewer
    * HTML Input: Ignore filenames that are encoded incorerctly.

New news sources

    * Radikal by Darko Miletic

Release: 0.6.38 [09 Feb, 2010]
New Features

    * Driver for the Irex DR 800
    * Driver for the Booq e-book reader
    * Allow automatic series increment algorithm to be tweaked by editing the config file
    * Various improvements to the catlog generation. Larger thumbnails in EPUB output and better series sorting. Better handling of html markup in the comments.
    * MOBI Output: Make font used for generated masthead images user customizable.

Bug Fixes

    * E-book viewer: Make bookmarking (and remebering last open position more robust). For linuxsource installs, you must have Qt 4.6

      Closes tickets: 4812 [External link]
    * Fix conversion/import of HTML files with very long href links on windows

      Closes tickets: 4783 [External link]
    * Don't read metadata from filenames for download news, even if the user has the read metadata from filename option set

      Closes tickets: 4758 [External link]
    * Don't allow leading or trailing space in tags and series. Also normalize all internal spaces to a single space

      Closes tickets: 4809 [External link]
    * E-book viewer: Toolbars remember their position

      Closes tickets: 4811 [External link]
    * Fix year being repeated when editing date in main library screen on windows

      Closes tickets: 4829 [External link]
    * New download: Fix downloading of images from URLs with an ampersand in them
    * Linux source install: unbundle cssutils, it is now an external dependancy
    * MOBI metadata: Fix regression that broke setting of titles in some MOBI files
    * EPUB metadata: Extract the cover image from the html it is embededd in if possible, instead of rendering the html. Removes the white margins on covers and speeds up cover extraction
    * Fix regression in PDB output
    * News download: Remove <base> tags automatically
    * Searching on device: Ignore unicode errors

New news sources

    * Courier Press by Krittika Goyal
    * and by Abelturd
    * El Comerico, Digital Spy UK, Gizmodo, News Straits Times, Read It Later, TidBits by Darko Miletic

Improved news sources

    * Jerusalem Post
    * Clarin
    * La Nacion
    * Harvard Business Review
    * People US Mashup
    * The New Republic
    * Pagina 12
    * Discover Magazine
    * Metro Montreal

Release: 0.6.37 [01 Feb, 2010]
New Features

    * E-book viewer: Add support for viewing SVG images
    * Add category of Recently added books when generating catalog in e-book format
    * OS X: Allow adding of books to calibre via drag and drop on the calibre dock icon
    * Add support for masthead images when downloading news for the Kindle
    * MOBI metadata: Allow setting of metadata in old PRC files without EXTH headers as well

Bug Fixes

    * Changing the date in Dutch

      Closes tickets: 4732 [External link]
    * Fix regression that broke sending files to unupdated PRS 500s
    * MOBI Input: Ignore width and height percentage measures for <img> tags.

      Closes tickets: 4726 [External link]
    * EPUB Output: Remove <img> tags that point to the internet for their images as this causes the ever delicate ADE to crash.

      Closes tickets: 4692 [External link]
    * Comic Input: Handle UTF-8 BOM when converting a cbc file

      Closes tickets: 4683 [External link]
    * Allow rating to be cleared via the Bulk metadata edit dialog

      Closes tickets: 4693 [External link]
    * Add workaround for broken linux systems with multiply encoded file names

      Closes tickets: 4721 [External link]
    * Fix bug preventing the the use of indices when setting save to disk templates

      Closes tickets: 4710 [External link]
    * Linux device mounting. Use filetype of auto to allow non vfat filesystems to be mounted

      Closes tickets: 4707 [External link]
    * Catalog generation: Make sorting of numbers in title as text optional
    * Fix error while sending book with non-ascii character in title/author to device on linux

      Closes tickets: 4690 [External link]
    * Fix reset cover in edit meta information dialog does not actually remove cover

      Closes tickets: 4731 [External link]

New news sources

    * Kamera Bild by Darko Miletic
    * The Online Photographer by Darko Miletic
    * The Luminous Landscape by Darko Miletic
    * Slovo by Abelturd
    * Various Danish newspapers by Darko Miletic
    * Heraldo de Aragon by Lorenzo Vigentini
    * Orange County Register by Lorenzi Vigentini
    * Open Left by Xanthan Gum
    * Michelle Malkin by Walt Anthony
    * The Metro Montreal by Jerry Clapperton
    * The Gazette by Jerry Clapperton
    * Macleans Magazine by Nick Redding
    * NY Time Sunday Book Review by Krittika Goyal
    * Various Italian newspapers by Lorenzo Vigentini

Improved news sources

    * The Irish Times
    * Washington Post
    * NIN
    * The Discover Magazine
    * Pagina 12

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This ppa has 0.6.35

If you submit a bug stating what issues the new version solves it may get added faster if the security flaws it solves are substantial.

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I have added the information for up to 0.6.42's change log, request if this can be added to lucid, thanks.

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