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Answered 94549 how to burn cd 2009-12-19 02:39:54 UTC michael aldridge Answered
Solved 94463 Audio CD from MP3s 2009-12-18 08:40:24 UTC pullmoll Solved
Open 94334 Input/Output error from DVD 2009-12-17 04:57:37 UTC Ron_ Open
Answered 94124 Brassero doesn't want to save my dvd as an iso. No copyright involved. 2009-12-15 02:23:16 UTC Militia-Angel Answered
Answered 93977 Burning Image to Disc 2009-12-13 22:36:44 UTC Alan Cline Answered
Answered 93044 where's the log file with all the latest activities of Brasero? 2009-12-06 13:55:08 UTC andres arce Answered
Solved 92951 How can I re-use a CD-RW or re-format it? 2009-12-05 18:27:09 UTC David Sprung Solved
Answered 92142 Brasero ubuntu 9.04 does not burn flac audio 2009-11-29 14:29:07 UTC hector fidencio Answered
Solved 89226 playback feature not available? 2009-11-08 18:33:36 UTC pretzlboy2003 Solved
Answered 88688 not possible to write with current sets of plugins 2009-11-04 11:34:33 UTC Nay Myo Win Answered
Answered 87938 Problem Writing DVD in Brasero 2009-11-01 18:51:57 UTC PEM59 Answered
Answered 87812 URGENT!!!!!burning pictures from the camera to the cd 2009-11-01 05:23:58 UTC Answered
Solved 85714 How to clear recent projects list in Brasero 2009-10-13 16:48:59 UTC Bob Cashatt Solved
Answered 85165 How slow can brasero be? 2009-10-08 09:04:20 UTC ricardisimo Answered
Solved 84487 does anyone know of any free cd burning programs i can download for ubuntu 9.04 2009-10-01 23:54:31 UTC rondogg779 Solved
Solved 82635 Install CD for Roxio Creator DE 10.2 for External Optical Drive 2009-09-13 04:58:26 UTC Amber Solved
Answered 81325 I can no longer copy DVDs with basero. 2009-08-29 15:45:39 UTC tylerwalt Answered
Solved 80665 CD reading / burning does not work 2009-08-22 13:48:01 UTC Martin Backhaus Solved
Answered 78065 Multisession on DVD, whether possible or not. 2009-07-25 04:26:19 UTC Helalluzaman Helal Answered
Answered 77635 sometimes burning a dvd takes over an hour 2009-07-21 10:07:21 UTC losboogie Answered
Solved 77593 copied audio cd doesn't play 2009-07-20 20:30:01 UTC Wilfred Solved
Answered 76288 DVD RAM Support ? 2009-07-07 08:46:56 UTC Julian Pitt Answered
Answered 74571 cd copy failure 2009-06-18 01:46:29 UTC jrybon Answered
Needs information 74102 ripping a single file FLAC image with cuesheet 2009-06-12 22:59:30 UTC Reed Needs information
Solved 73230 Brasero: not able to burn a cd 2009-06-04 13:33:18 UTC peter Solved
Answered 72502 problem burning cds 2009-05-28 00:58:29 UTC barry Answered
Answered 72034 Brasero Disc Burner 2009-05-23 04:06:40 UTC Kunta Kinte Answered
Solved 72024 brasero stuck at 'creating image checksum' 2009-05-22 23:56:24 UTC Kayvee Solved
Answered 71483 Plugin problem when burning CD audio image 2009-05-17 20:59:32 UTC Rich Answered
Answered 70516 Please replace the disc with a supported CD or DVD 2009-05-09 06:35:46 UTC Highweekgull Answered
Solved 70367 Brasero DVD Burning Error 2009-05-08 03:24:09 UTC dongiuseppe2684 Solved
Answered 70071 Unsupported Disk 2009-05-05 19:48:16 UTC Cecil Ennett Answered
Solved 67128 Brasero Burning Problem 2009-04-11 09:20:10 UTC S.Vikash Koushik Solved
Answered 66855 enable overburn in brasero 0.8.2 using ubuntu intrepid 2009-04-08 14:57:02 UTC andreportela Answered
Solved 66816 Won't burn disc only makes image file 2009-04-08 06:25:52 UTC Alan Solved
Answered 66198 brasero doesn't allow multi-session cd/dvd burning.But when I read "help" it supports such facility, how can I use this facility? 2009-04-02 06:00:24 UTC semabay Answered
Solved 65908 synaptic crashes downgrading brasero 2009-03-30 16:28:15 UTC Matteo Solved
Answered 65894 Burning multiple copies of dvd with Brasero 2009-03-30 16:14:03 UTC olli Answered
Solved 65577 According to Ubuntu 9.04 rel notes, Brasero is new 2009-03-27 19:55:34 UTC era Solved
Answered 65478 When burning files to CD's or DVD's created by Brasero, the text associated with each file is converted to upper case letters and abrev in which Windows XP is unable to read, therefore Windows XP believes the files to be either corrupted or unreadable. For Example, I will name a File "File" and Brasero changes text to FILSOMETHING or FILE000.EXE. Which many of the files are exe files for windows xp as I am reinstalling windows and need to download files from internet and burn to cd. I would like to know how to solve this issue. Thanks 2009-03-26 18:01:35 UTC CMoulton Answered
Solved 65189 problem coping cd 2009-03-24 13:04:09 UTC muhnabulsi Solved
Answered 64426 Brasero Video DVD problems, and possibly a solution? 2009-03-17 14:06:25 UTC Don Myers Answered
Answered 62744 brasero 2009-03-01 18:57:35 UTC jhk1982 Answered
Answered 62102 Brasero will not copy disk 2009-02-23 23:45:57 UTC wytewing Answered
Answered 60356 How to burn a video DVD from video_ts folder? 2009-02-08 22:19:29 UTC Lee Answered
Solved 60348 Converting .mkv files to dvd to play in stand alone dvd players 2009-02-08 20:20:13 UTC jimmyed007 Solved
Solved 59253 Brasero won't burn 2009-01-30 17:34:09 UTC Patrick M Solved
Solved 59237 how do I burn a disk 2009-01-30 14:31:13 UTC Roger R Bigham Solved
Solved 58923 how do I convert an avi file to enable me to burn 2009-01-27 22:13:40 UTC Mark Solved
Answered 58102 I cant click on the "burn" button. please help!! 2009-01-20 02:05:50 UTC clare Answered
Answered 57955 How burn Video DVD from Sony Handycam with Sony Vaio 2009-01-18 22:14:15 UTC Jim Cook Answered
Solved 57313 what program do i use to burn divx,avi files to dvd 2009-01-13 12:36:41 UTC gippah Solved
Answered 56107 Burning Video DVD's 2009-01-02 09:47:08 UTC Dave Answered
Answered 55979 grabacion de audio 2008-12-31 15:30:04 UTC Organico Answered
Solved 55866 Can I generate an ISO image of optical media in Hardy with Brasero ? 2008-12-30 13:53:05 UTC Fabián Rodríguez Solved
Solved 54903 Brasero stderr Directories too deep 2008-12-19 04:59:14 UTC DennisVogt Solved
Answered 54010 Can Brasero write an MP3, if so how? Pls help 2008-12-10 06:11:51 UTC Antimatter Answered
Solved 51066 Insufficient space on media 2008-11-11 22:00:41 UTC Allan Solved
Solved 50702 Formatting CD/DVD's using Ubuntu 2008-11-08 19:48:27 UTC johnr50 Solved
Answered 50602 Cannot burn video in Brasero 2008-11-07 21:14:44 UTC martin i Answered
Solved 49765 Why there is no way to close CD/DVD tray? 2008-11-01 19:25:50 UTC Knysliux001 Solved
Solved 47698 Open external dvd burner ( LACie ) 2008-10-11 08:58:41 UTC Haiko Solved
Solved 46351 Backing up photos onto CD 2008-09-25 22:13:04 UTC Mark Solved
Solved 32822 Can I leave a dvd rw open to add more albums later 2008-05-12 05:08:22 UTC tony hobbs Solved
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