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Asked by Del Socorro Françoise

Hello, there is a new technology from 2017 that supports DVDs that can keep data over 1000 years =)
It's called M-Disc.
They are not selling much, but they are more interesting for external static data saving then buying HDDs every year (as I can't afford it although HDDs are less expensive for a one time buy, but not in time chronology then M-Disc DVD to keep personal data). And I already lost too much personal data, so I'll be dreaming of 100 Go/Gb technology if I can afford it in 2years.
The DVDs can go up to 100 Go/Gb on flat DVDs (they could go higher to terabits but they most change format to cylinder shape optical support with laser internal sculpture - maybe 3D glass or silica - and they didn't invest in new shapes as the market is not moving) but can't be RW. It's not very clear but only a few can record 100 Go/Gb DVDs, most stay at 4.7 Go/Gb, and we don't know witch ones can handle 25-50 Go/Gb... you buy mystery! Later improvement not in the market seems to be silica discs and glass discs. But 1000years is enough compared to 50% fail after 6years on external HDD, the only issue is scratch the DVD :/

Two companies invested in them: Verbatim and Asus.
Verbatim proposes:
M-Disc DVD-R 4.7Gb
M-Disc BD-R 25Gb
M-Disc BD-R DL 50 Go (with Mitsubshi)
M-Disc BDXL 100 Gb
M-Disc BD-R XL 100 Go (with Mitsubishi)
+ optical drives:
Blu-ray MDISC 25Go + Bluray
Ultra HD 4k External Slimline Blu-ray writer till 100Go M-Disc
External Slimline Blu-ray writer till 100Go M-Disc
External Slimline CD/DVD Writer M-Disc support

Asus proposes:
SBW-06D2X-U BDXL Support up to 128GB data storage in one M-disc
ZenDrive U9M (SDRW-08U9M-U) M-disc support
ZenDrive U7M (SDRW-08U7M-U) M-disc support
SDRW-08U5S-U M-disc support
SDRW-08D2S-U LITE M-disc support
BW-16D1HT M-disc support + Bluray
DRW-24F1ST M-disc support
BC-12B1ST M-disc support + Bluray
Impresario SBW-S1 PRO M-disc support + Bluray + sound card
SBC-06D2X-U (after 2017) M-disc support
TurboDrive BW-16D1H-U_PRO M-disc support + Bluray
TurboDrive BW-12D1S-U M-disc support + Bluray
BW-16D1HT M-disc support + Bluray
BC-12D2HT M-disc support + Bluray
DRW-24D5MT M-disc support (the one I have)
SDRW-08U1MT M-disc support

Please take your time in considering adopting 4.7 - 25 - 50 - 100 Go M-Disc formats and prepare yourself for 3D formats data prints in Tb, but maybe in 20years if humanity still exists.

Thank you very much =)

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

I suggest you report a bug. This will show interest in the technology

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Del Socorro Françoise (waterreedshimmer) said :

Hello, I didn't bought a 4.7Gb M-Disc yet and I have no idea if my Asus M-Disc can support bigger M-Discs 25-50-100 Gb without being a Blu-ray optical drive? No idea if it depends on software or on hardware? I have no answer to nothing.
Verbatim told me their engineers will be glad to cooperate with Ubuntu Linux and maybe they are already in helping build a free software to read and write M-Discs. So you can contact them. =)
As for Asus my past question was to be able to migrate from OEM Licence to Retail Licence without buying a new optical drive. So I'm also waiting for that improvement. =) But I didn't have that much questions at that time because I was not aware of bigger then 4.7 Gb DVDs. And I didn't bought Windows Nero software as my DVD optical drive is in a pre-built computer where I did choose the components. So I still can't use it. Some say Anyburn Windows freeware supports M-Disc because it supports Blu-Ray, but M-Disc and Blu-Ray are not the same technology at all. And burning an M-Disc DVD / M-Disc R/RE like a DVD RW is not interesting for being able to keep data in 1000 years. As maybe data won't be written their new way.
I also saw some companies already launched M-Disc RE, so it's some kind of RW but it is not that known because it is a little more expensive. So RE is compatible all formats too.
No company still have launched M-Disc 6 Gb and we have to install WoeUSB from PPA repository to build a Windows 10 USB for double boot with Linux as Windows 10 in May 2019 has grown till 4.9 Gb so it's bigger then a 4.7 simple DVD. And no one still have created a 6 or 10 Gb M-Disc.
I'll ask to both of them this innovation, although they must have M-Disc working first before investing in smaller DVDs for easier OS installation through Bios Setup key. UEFI knows allow more then 2 Tb for OS, my Ubuntu is running on a 3 Tb HDD GPT + EXT4. So it's normal if next Ubuntu Studio also will grow bigger then 4.7 Gb although we get what is missing from the updates.
As soon as I can afford, I'll go for M-Disc DVDs, and I hope until then there will be much improvement be on software and hardware side.
Thank you very much for your attention =)

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