Can I generate an ISO image of optical media in Hardy with Brasero ?

Asked by Fabián Rodríguez on 2008-12-30

When I use Disk Copy and choose the destination to be a file, the only formats available are TOC, RAW and CUE. Is there any way to generate an ISO image from Brasero ? Are any of those formats equivalent ?

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Savvas Radevic (medigeek) said : #1

You are trying to create an ISO out of an Audio CD/DVD. Otherwise, the creation of a .iso image is available for data CD/DVD only.

A quote from
"audio cds don't contain a iso9660 file system"

I usually create .flac files to store the CD in a lossless format.
You can extract it using Sound juicer:
Applications > Sound & Video > Sound Juicer (or Audio CD Extractor)
Make sure you switch the "Output format" in menu Edit > Preferences to "CD Quality, Lossless (.flac type)"

electhor (electhor) said : #2

You could use dd commands. dd if=/dev/cdrom of=<filename>.iso this will make an .iso with the filename you choose in your home directory. You can then burn it by right clicking on the file and choose write to disc.

Savvas Radevic (medigeek) said : #3

$ dd if=/dev/cdrom of=test.iso
dd: opening `/dev/cdrom': No such file or directory

$ dd if=/dev/cdrom1 of=test.iso
dd: reading `/dev/cdrom1': Input/output error
0+0 records in
0+0 records out
0 bytes (0 B) copied, 0.0018862 s, 0.0 kB/s

Fabián Rodríguez (magicfab) said : #4

@Savvas: Creating an ISO image from a disk is not specific to data CDs. "Disk Copy" doesn't make any claim about that either. When I choose Data project I don't see any option to copy one CD or DVD into an ISO image either.

I am not asking about command line, I am aware of those. Please don't add more information about command line options.

@Ian, you also need to run sudo lshw -class disk -short first to know what CD/DVD drives have what device names.

Fabián Rodríguez (magicfab) said : #5

Sorry, I realize I didn't mention I was using Hardy. In there Hardy (Brasero 0.7.1) is no option for ISO creation in Brasero.

In Intrepid (Brasero 0.8.2) there is.

Thank you.

Savvas Radevic (medigeek) said : #6

I was about to ask which Ubuntu release are you using and which version of brasero. :)

Here's a screenshot with data dvd and disk copy:

Fabián Rodríguez (magicfab) said : #7

Savvas, thanks for the screenshot, indeed that's Intrepid's Brasero.