bootchart: meaning of dotted lines introduced with lucid

Asked by Jochen Schneider

Could someone please explain the meaning of those four red bold dotted lines introduced with lucid?
At the moment I can only guess that they are supposed to reflect some major events during startup, but from the charts I cannot determine which line corresponds to which event.

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Sam_ (and-sam) said :

I'd say the dotted lines are just a graphical gimmick for users not to get bored or worried, showing them that something is going on. I rather don't think it's meant to point exactly to a single process.
BootChart actually shows the seconds when a process was issued.

Logfiles, e.g. syslog, also provide the time.

You can also delete 'quiet splash' from grub file.

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Jochen Schneider (panama-joe) said :

@Sam: thanks for your reply, but the lines are nut just gimmick or similar to the waiting mouse cursor - the last is not needed anyway, as the chart is not being created real-time but as post-processing after all action has finished ...

After analyzing the pybootchartgui files in detail, in the meantime I found out that the first dotted red line is drawn at the start of ureadahead process, the second line at the start of the process, the third at the start of the gdm-session-worker process, and the fourth represents the startup time printed in the header (i.e. when the desktop startup has finished).

Can someone explain the significance of the ureadahead and gdm-session-worker start events within the boot process?

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Sam_ (and-sam) said :
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Jochen Schneider (panama-joe) said :

Problem solved.