Bluetooth asking for authorization for mouse after waking from hibernate

Asked by NetSpec2008 on 2009-02-14

When waking the laptop from hibernate and then trying to use a bluetooth mouse Jaunty is constantly asking for authorization of the mouse which has previously been authorized and when you check mark the always box it still asks upon the next waking.

Have screen shots if desired.

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Press alt-f2 then copy into the command box that appears:

rm ~/.gnome2/keyrings/default.keyring

Click Run. That should be it. You should be queried for a new password next time round.

NetSpec2008 (djdelimat) said : #3

I ran the command and then hibernated the laptop and the next time I was prompted again as usual for authorization of the mouse.

#1. Was I to have hibernated then ran the command then connected the mouse?


#2. hibernated, connected the mouse then ran the command and then tried to hibernate again?

If it was number 2 then it did not work...

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