need help connecting nokia e51 to pc

Asked by Ian Brownlie on 2009-01-07

 Could someone please explain to me how I can connect my nokia e51 to ubuntu ibex. I have a bluetooth dongle and would like to transfer info and data between the two. I've tried the software in the repository but I can't seem to get any of it to work. This is something that is new to me, so please if you know how, could you take me through it step by step. I feel I should warn you that geek speak is totally wasted on me.
                                 Thanks in advance, Ian

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Uwe Geuder
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tmc1961 (tmc1961) said : #1

Go to Add/Remove and search for an application called, "wine" Install it.
This application should allow you to use the software that came with your hardware.

Ian Brownlie (ibrownlie) said : #2

        Thanks tmc1961 but I've tried that, wine can't seem to handle it, I was hoping there was maybe a linux solution.


It should be possible to sync the Nokia e51 with Evolution via bluetooth and Opensync according to the following links:

Unfortunately, the Nokia e51 is not supported yet by gammu or wammu in Ubuntu.

Here is the bugreport:

Here are more reports:



Ian Brownlie (ibrownlie) said : #4

 Thanks Mark but all that stuff about sync with Evolution etc is way outa my league, as I said geek speak is not my thing, I'm just a 65 yr old user.

Uwe Geuder (ubuntulp-ugeuder) said : #5

> would like to transfer info and data between the two.

Could you please specify what information you would like to transfer. Photos? Calendar items? Contacts? Music? All of them?

How often? Just some single items case by case manually? Or many items regularly and frequently?

I have never used any synchronization solution, but I believe I've sometimes sent single files manually without any problems.

Ian Brownlie (ibrownlie) said : #6

 Thanks for replying Uwe. Mostly, calendar items, but occasionally music and wallpapers.

Best Uwe Geuder (ubuntulp-ugeuder) said : #7

Ok Ian, unfortunately I forgot to ask which direction. Phone to PC or PC to phone?

There are basically 3 methods available to transfer files:

1. Send it from the phone, receive on PC
2. Send it from the PC, receive it on the phone.
3. Browse the phone's file system from the PC and access files

1. This seems to be broken in Ubuntu when sending from a Nokia S60 phone like the E51 (It works when sending from a Nokia Internet tablet like N810) The bug report is at

2. Works for me, but only from the Bluetooth icon, not from within the file browser. I believe I have seen a bug report about this.

3. Reading works for me. E. g. photos can be transferred like this. Writing is not implemented yet in Ubuntu, see

Single calendar entries can be sent in vCalendar format.
- From the phone to the PC: Method 1 is supported by the phone, but broken in Ubuntu. Method 3 is not supported from the phone as far as I know.

- From Ubuntu to phone: Method 2 works, if you have an Ubuntu program that creates vCalendar files. (I have never used any calendar in Ubuntu, but I just sent a sample vCalendar item and it worked.)

I haven't used wallpapers for several years, but method 2 should work.

Ian Brownlie (ibrownlie) said : #8

Thanks Uwe Geuder, that solved my question.

Uwe Geuder (ubuntulp-ugeuder) said : #9

If anybody still reads this in future...

My above comments dated 2009-01-11 apply to Hardy 8.04

In Intrepid 8.10 things seem to have got much worse.