Use n70 as modem via bluetooth in ubuntu 10.04

Asked by emraan on 2010-07-24

i am a new user to ubuntu.I have installed ubuntu 10.04.
want to connect my nokia n70 as modem via bluetooth.
My service provider is bsnl.

Plz pardon me with englsh and i wil frwd all d details as u need.
I a newbie..
Plz help me.And provide full descripted answer

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PeterPall (peterpall) said : #1

In my case (I have been using a Sony, a Samsung and a different nokia phone until now) the following steps have helped:

- Install bluez-gnome
- install mobile-broadband-provider
- I assume you have installed gnome-network-manager. If not install this package, too.
- Start the bluetooth configuration by going to system/preferences/bluetooth, or by going into a terminal and typing in:
(which I did: I rather like the console.)
Don't remember how pairing the computer has to be done, but it was much easier than telling my cellular phone I want it to be visible first so my ubuntu computer could find it.
- After pairing the phone with the computer the bluetooth applet asks if you want to use the cellular phone's internet connection. Tell "yes" here. Don't be afraid: It won't automatically connect to the internet afterwards

Now your computer is set up to be able to use the phone's internet connection. Just click on the network item and tell the computer to use it whenever you want to.

emraan (emraanali11) said : #2

Plz snd me all d commands step wise

PeterPall (peterpall) said : #3

Giving it a second look setting up a bluetooth connection is more complicated than I thought it to be.

Basically setting up a bluetooth connection means that one device sends a number (called the bluetooth PIN) to the other one - and you then check manually if both devices got the same number - or in other words - if you really sent the number to the device you wanted to connect to.

The following steps are valid for lucid lynx and the upcoming maverick version of ubuntu. For older Ubuntu setups setting up the Bluetooth Pin of your computer was much more complicated, and sice I now longer own such a setup i'm afraid you have to ask somebody else - who still has one.

1.) Tell your phone in the bluetooth settings you want bluetooth to be turned on and you want your phone to be visible
2.) On your computer press system/preference/bluetooth
2.) A window appears. Press here the button "set up new device"
3.) After clicking "forward" in an info dialogue telling you you have to make the phone visible before searching for it the computer is now searching for the phone.
4.) If all works well the computer now finds the phone. Select the phone in the upper half of the window - and set the pin options in the lower half of the window to "automatic selection" - which means your bluetooth PIN will be a random number - or to any value you like.
5.) Click "Forward". Your phone will ask you instantly if you want your computer to connect to it.
6.) If you acknowledge that your computer will show the bluetooth pin - and your phone will either ask you to acknowledge that computer and phone both show the same PIN - or ask you to type in the PIN the computer shows. Your computer might want you to acknowledge that you want to connect to the phone, too.
7.) The computer tells you that it successfully has set up communication, - and asks you if you want to access the network using your mobile phone. Klick on this checkbox to mark it.
8.) Press the "OK" or "Close" or "finish" button of the window.

Now your cellular phone knows that it is allowed to talk to your computer and vice versa.
Press on the network button in your menu bar - and under "available" connections you should be able to select a very long number (the hardware address of your cellular phone's bluetooth stack).
Select this number. The network manager will now automatically connect to the network of the phone.

The only thing that still can go wrong is - in germany some mobile phone providers provide you with two different set-ups (named internet profiles or acces points) for your mobile phone:
One access point that is cheap (a few cents per minute), and that won't allow you any internet connection that cannot have been come from your phone itselves -
and one access point that really costs money, - but that allows you to share the internet connection with your computer. The guys in the telephone shop typically won't tell you that, but I bet they know.

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