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Asked by Daire Conley

Salutations! I purchased a Ubuntu Server 10.04 book which came with a Ubuntu 10.04 disk. Rather than install the Ubutnu 10.04 version of the server, I installed LAMP using a Ubuntu Server 10.10 disk and I prefer to use the Ubuntu server 10.04 book to help me get started with using LAMP. An issue I noticed is that the Ubuntu server 10.04 book says that once I'm in a directory to open a directory within that directory, all I need to do is type the directory name. I tried this. In the /etc directory I typed "default" and rather than open the /etc/default directory, I received notification that the file does or directory does not exist. Do I need to purchase another book? Am I better off installing the Ubuntu server 10.04 to use the Ubuntu server 10.04 book, or am I better off sticking with the Ubuntu server 10.10 LAMP install and using the current book while adapting to some changes?

Is there a list of changes from Ubuntu server 10.04 to Ubuntu server 10.10? I just bought this book about 6 months ago and I prefer to not purchase another book every 6 months. What do you recommend? Am I better off getting started with a LAMP server with the Ubuntu server 10.04 or the Ubuntu server 10.10 version?

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Daire Conley (daire) said :

When I typed "cd /etc/default" the server did change directories to that location; however, when I typed "cd default" while in the /etc directory I received the notification that there was no such file or directory. Was the shortcut removed from Ubuntu server when Ubuntu server 10.10 was designed?

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Daire Conley (daire) said :

The current decision is to re-install Ubuntu server 10/04 LTS, because that distro matches the book. I'd rather stick with what is currently provided than purchase another book. This is the first LAMP server I'm installing. I prefer to get a feel for Ubuntu server and get it configured, and get the domain attached to it. I purchased a domain through a registrar. They're offering to do the DNS for me, because its part of the package; however, rather than pay for email and web hosting, I prefer to install this LAMP server and run it. I'm putting it on an x86_64(AMD64) PC which comes with a single core. Since I'm not using to render video, I think a single core is enough to host a website and email service. Any suggestions?

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Daire Conley (daire) said :

I got the electronic music playing and the ubunto 10.04 LTS server edition installed. I'm going to login and try this again with the help of the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server Book.

Do you recommend any certain guides or websites for people starting a LAMP server?

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Daire Conley (daire) said :

Same scenario even with the Ubuntu 10.04LTS 64 bit pc server edition installed. When I type cd /etc/defaults it takes me to that directory; however, when I'm already in the /etc directory and I type cd defaults it doesn't take me to the /etc/defaults directory. The book says that all I need to type once in the /etc directory is "cd default"

Any suggestions?

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Daire Conley (daire) said :

Okay I got it work. Apparently I needed to cd to the /etc directory and then cd into the defaults directory by typing cd default

I was previously under the impression that the ls command would take me to the directory while its showing me the contents of the directory; however, I'm now thinking that it just shows the contents of the directory. I still need to cd into the directory. This may be useful, because it saves energy when you're looking into a directory to see if its the correct directory prior to going to it.

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Daire Conley (daire) said :

Okay now I know how to navigate. I perceive the "cd ." and the "cd .." commands helpful. The distraction of buyers guilt is gone. Did you notice that I figured it out after listening to some electronic music? For some reason it helps. Anyhow... I'm logged in and learning to use the commands. I'm going to continue doing this one step at a time. Do you suggest any other LAMP server books or websites which are compatible with the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 bit PC server edition?

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Daire Conley (daire) said :

I'm also thinking about the difference between 32bit address spacing and 64bit address spacing with LAMP installed. What are some of the advantages to having 64bit address spacing with a LAMP server?

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mycae (mycae) said :

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