Playing songs folder by folder using Banshee

Asked by MadhuSoodanan on 2013-09-18

I can't play all the songs in a folder continuously using Banshee Media Player. It plays songs in different folders at random. I saw File name on the left side. I could add Folder name there. But it didn't select Folder.
How can I play songs in separate folders without shuffling them. Rhythmbox and Totem have no equalizer. So I prefer Banshee to play songs sorted in folders. ( I know 'select all & open with'. I want another mothod.)

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You can make a playlist file in terminal by running:

cd folder/with/files
ls *.mp3 > ./playlist.m3u

Works in Windows too. You can now open the playlist and the tracks will play

MadhuSoodanan (mt-madhu) said : #2

The output is
                       -desktop:~$ cd folder/with/files
bash: cd: folder/with/files: No such file or directory
                       -desktop:~$ ls *.mp3 > ./playlist.m3u
ls: cannot access *.mp3: No such file or directory
So I did it in another way:

Added New Smart Playlist and gave the Folder name. Took an option : File location, Contains, (Folder name) as content. Now it is working. So my problem is partially solved. But I don't think this as the easiest method. Mine (my question) is a frequently needed option for playing songs. It would be better if Banshee had added another alternative. Thanks Actionparsnip for your attempt.

Oh come on. Seriously? Did you even READ the command I gave that you have blindly copied and pasted?

Think about it.

MadhuSoodanan (mt-madhu) said : #4

90% of this problem has been solved. So I am ready to click on 'Problem Solved'. I haven't used Terminal for other purposes yet. You will feel me as a slow learner. That was why I didn't try to solve it completely using Terminal. So you will have to answer my questions 3 or 4 times again. If I won't waste your time I am ready to continue. To avoid more description you can mention the relevant part in Terminal Help or Banshee Help as next step.

MadhuSoodanan (mt-madhu) said : #5

To get an explanation to #1 I searched and tried to make a playlist using

MadhuSoodanan (mt-madhu) said : #6

Solved this problem using using New Smart Playlist. Thanks Actionparsnip.