How do I apply a patch provided in a bug report?

Asked by Karl Speer on 2012-04-22

Hello. I am new to this service, so if I am asking this in the wrong place, please feel free to redirect me to the proper location. however, I have thus far been unable to find ANYONE that can give me a simple, non-headache-inducing answer that works.

Here is my dilemma: my installation of Banshee throw an error and crashes upon booting. I found the proper bug report here, and found that a patch had already been released that solved the problem. The patch can be found here:

However, nowhere - and I mean nowhere - explains how to actually apply this patch to my installation of Banshee. I have tried completely uninstalling the program and reinstalling banshee via both ubuntu software center and synaptic package manager, and the program crashes the same. It has been updated to the latest release (and I check again daily), so this patch has not been included yet in the official updates. I can't use diff (and therefore not patch) because nowhere lists the directory where banshee's system files are actually stored. I've combed through every folder on my computer, and can't find banshee's system files anywhere.

This computer is a media computer - it stores all my movies, music, pictures, the works. With banshee out of operation, it can't serve its primary purpose. The solution is right here in front of me, and yet I don't know how to use it, how to apply it, or how to locate banshee's system files. Can anyone explain to me how to simply apply the patch? I would think that appling this fix would be simple - apparently, it is anything but. :/

Chris (fabricator4) said : #1

The patch you indicated appears to be a source code patch. You'd need to download the source code, apply the difference file, then compile the source code. The executable will be installed according to the make file, most probably. It would be a pretty steep learning curve if you never done this kind of thing before. The first step would be to get the source code and the make files, obviously.

I couldn't find the exact bug report in Launchpad. It should refer back to the banshee patch and give a time frame. If you subscribe to the bug report you will get notifications on changes, such as when the fix has been released. If there is no Launchpad bug report then you should make one, referencing the Banshee bug report and the patch.


Karl Speer (cidthecoatrack) said : #2

Here is the link to the Launchpad bug report:

So, if I understand correctly, if I download an install tarball for Banshee, use diff and patch to apply the patch there, and then install THAT edited version of Banshee, the patch will be applied? That doesn't sound too terrible, if I understand it correctly.

Another thing to note: in the process of trying to figure out how to apply the patch, I synced the entire GIT project for banshee - so I have the entire program including the corrected UPnPServerSource.cs file. Should I be able to simply so a config make install process from there, as if that was the corrected tarball?

Sam_ (and-sam) said : #3

The bug was reported with banshee 2.4.0-1ubuntu3, changelog is already at 2.4.0-2ubuntu1.

Chris (fabricator4) said : #4

Karl, I think so, but I thought the patches were source patches, in which case you would need to run the make. You could ask on the bugzilla bug report how best to apply that particular patch.

Sam, Bertrand said he would incorporate the patch "in the next major software release" which I take to be 2.4.1. The interim release which seems to load in Precise is the 2.4.0-2ubuntu1, however the changelog does not make any mention of the Bugzilla bug, or the Launchpad one: It (the patch) doesn't seem to have been incorporated into 2.4.0 at this time.


Sam_ (and-sam) said : #5

Chris, yes I saw that too but I figured as he wrote it on 2012-03-24 it could be the one in banshee (2.4.0-1ubuntu2) from the same day since it mentions the crash in UPnP extension also in git the same day.

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