Cannot install azureus on Ubuntu 8.10

Asked by Ian on 2009-02-03

I am a first time user of Ubuntu.. I downloaded it from there website (Ubuntu 8.10) and everthing was working well. I did all the undates and not I can't event install a program.

And also is there an easier way the make Ubuntu look and feel like Vista cos I tried following the steps to install beryl but I couldn't even get that to work

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Mohammad Alhobayyeb (mih1406) said : #1

I did not understand you question?
Please explain exactly what do you want

Ian (reikonix2) said : #2

More info

Say I go and try install Vuse - It will come up and say this - An error occurred while loading the archive (null)
Command line output

And it ses that for everything I try to install

Hi Ian,

Here is the guide to installing Azureus (Vuse) on Ubuntu 8.10:



Ian (reikonix2) said : #4

Thanks Mark Rijckenberg bit it ses it for everything I do. I can't do jack on it..

peter (peter-neuweiler) said : #5

Take care. Windows software don't run under Linux. Windows is Windows, and Linux is Linux.

If you like to run Windows software under Linux, you've to use Wine (Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library)).

You can find Wine in the Synaptic package manger. Or you can install it by typing "sudo apt-get install Wine" in a Terminal.

And I guess, Ubunto looks like Vista. Both systems work with a guy and the principle of look and feel is supported in Ubuntu.

Linux is a very strong and stable operating system.

Hope it helps.

Hi Ian,

Please follow this procedure (so we can investigate this issue):

Step 1: Open Terminal from "Applications->Accessories->

Step 2: Run the following commands (type each then hit <enter>)

sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install azureus
sudo aptitude install sun-java6-jre

Step 3: Post results (cut/paste terminal output from each command) here




I also recommend downloading the Ubuntu 8.10 Pocket Guide and Reference here:

More info here:



Tom (tom6) said : #8

Best place to look up programs to install in Ubuntu is Synaptic Package Manger. Go up to the top taskbar and click on

System - Administration - Synaptic is near the bottom

Note it has a great couple of search tools that look in descriptions as well as in titles. Applications that are already 'ticked' (or blocked in with green) are ones you already have on your system. At the moment most of these will be fairly critical so don;t untick or uistall anything you're not sure of.

Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

Azureus (Vuze) is a java application then first you must install Java...

How to install Java

To install sun-java6

A) Please first enable the multiverse repository:

Open System → Administration → Software sources → [ Tab Ubuntu software ]
enable "Software restrictecd by copyright or legal issue ( multiverse )"
Close and confirm the repository reload.

B) Then open a Terminal from the menu Applications → Accessories → Terminal and type:

sudo aptitude update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo aptitude install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin

give your user password when requested, you don't see nothing when you type it, then press enter.

C) Then to install Azureus still using Terminal type:

sudo apt-get install vuze

Hope this helps

Tom (tom6) said : #10

Hmmm, my previous post was from a cyber-cafe where i couldn't read the forum thread. Please ignore my last posting.

If you are having trouble installing anything then i was just wondering how much disc space you have free. Ubuntu likes 8Gb but a bit more is helpful. Anyway, what is more important is how much space you have left over at the moment.

Regards from
Tom :)

Tom (tom6) said : #11

If you are still having trouble with this then please post it as a new question. Only the most recent questions tend to get looked at so posting/reposting a question just before america arrives online gives the best chance of getting a good few answers.

If the problem has been resolved then please follow the link to the forum thread and mark it as Solved.

Good luck and many regards from
Tom :)

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