How to scan directory for media in Audacious

Asked by johny on 2009-01-05

I wonder how to select a folder with music media in audacious to make it scan and search for files.
The program menu gives only the option to select single folder, but, my library is rather big, therefore I'm looking for a solution.
That's interesting too, as almost all media players features such option, well, probably audacious isn't targeted to be "one as many", I'm curious.

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Savvas Radevic
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tmc1961 (tmc1961) said : #1

click on list and choose load list choose your home folder look for the folder with your music and select it

johny (johny454) said : #2

Thanks for answer tmc1961 :)

If I select the option "load list", audacious pops up a window to select a playlist file (m3u or pls) extension.
If I choose a folder within that window, the program won't open it as it looks for different extension, not a directory to scan. There must be some other solution, but, thanks anyway.

Best Savvas Radevic (medigeek) said : #3

There's no media library in audacious. You can use audacious along with methlab to search for music in a folder:

But if you're looking for a media player with media library, then you could also try:

All from Ubuntu repositories, go to menu Applications > Add/Remove...

johny (johny454) said : #4

Can you tell me what exactly methlab is please?

Savvas Radevic (medigeek) said : #5

MethLab is a music library application that can interface with various
music players (at the time of writing: xmms, beep, audacity and mpd).

The homepage of MethLab is:

But since that option includes compiling and installing and messing around with your system, I *really* recommend to find a media-library-based player, like the ones mentioned.

johny (johny454) said : #6

Thank you very much Savvas, it's good to know such tool exists.
I may play around a bit with compiling and so on in my spare time.


johny (johny454) said : #7

Thanks Savvas Radevic, that solved my question.