GUI to convert packages from .tar.gz etc, to .deb

Asked by abhinay batchu on 2012-10-23

>how can i convert .tar.gz or other similar formats to .deb, since i find packeges in .deb format easy to install.
>i've heard abt Ubucompilator (is in launchpad) but to my freaking horror, its download file is in .tar.gz format
>and theres one called checkinstall, but unable to make it work
i'm a newbie. pls help guys

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arochester (arochester) said : #1

Are you using a Package Manager? If not look at

Subin Hutton (djlynux) said : #2

Abhinay, happy to see your interest to learn Ubuntu. .deb contains the compiled packages which is not easier to create like you think. You can refer ubuntu packaging Guide for more details and try to learn by yourself step by step :)

What is the archive you have? Just saying 'tar.gz file' tells us nothing, you can put ANYTHING in the file, it could be precompiled binaries, source, pictures and so forth in the file. It doesn't tell us much at all.

abhinay batchu (abhi-kirrack) said : #4

i've synaptic package manager, but i needed to install some packages not available in there

i's trying to install "utorrent-server-3.0-ubuntu-10.10-27079.tar.gz"
which i found very complicated with the given format

To use that, all you do is extract it and run the utorrent binary. You do realize that the ONLY way to control uTorrent in Linux is via the web interface. Why not use one of the packaged torrent clients in software centre. Ubuntu even comes pre-installed with Transmission torrent client.

Subin Hutton (djlynux) said : #6

You can't directly conver this in to a deb package freely. I'm not sure about any webgui that directly converts to deb package.

I think, its pretty much straightforward procedure. You can just extract the tar.gz file and excute the binary file.

You just follow this steps.

abhinay batchu (abhi-kirrack) said : #7

hey i got this simple solution to the query"convert packages from
.tar.gz etc, to .deb"
        but still i needed a direct example
viz., what is your user and programme example
pls advice


Install checkinstall:

sudo aptitude install checkinstall

Extract the tarball into a directory. In this case, it is
/tmp/program_example. Open terminal and cd into it with:

sudo -i

cd /tmp/program_example

Now, run:


and then

checkinstall -D --pakdir=/home/youruser/packages/

which will make a deb package in /home/youruser/packages, and install
it. You can then reuse it and give it to others. Do not use this to make
a package for a PPA or package server. These must be made and tuned

The archive contains binaries. It's the utorrent thing which people seem to insist on using despite the fact that there are already packaged torrent clients in the repos.

abhinay batchu (abhi-kirrack) said : #9

i am not only talking about the torrent clients here, any other random package...

Make sure you check the software centre first, it may be available

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