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Asked by Bob Bib on 2012-05-21

It's probably a mixed Apport & Whoopsie Daisy related issue, so let's start with Apport.
If I've understood it correctly, in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release, according to the "new error tracking design concept" ( the default crash reporting routine is following:
1) when a program crash occurs, it gets caught by Apport and a crash report is formed;
2) then a user notification appears -- if a user agrees to send a report, it gets expanded with needed info and sent _somewhere_ (in background, without any user intervention).
In development releases, the crash report routine remains to be a "traditional" one -- with crashes reported at Launchpad;
for stable Ubuntu releases, the only way to turn on the "traditional crash reporting routine" (for advanced users) seems to be the commenting out of line 23 in '/etc/apport/crashdb.conf' -- look at a bug #994921.
At last, here are the questions:
1) Where do the crash reports get sent by default in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release?
2) Can a user find and view such an "automatic background submitted" crash report at all? Can he view his own reports? Can he view reports submitted by others?
3) Can a user check if some of such crash reports is reviewed by developers?

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Bob Bib (bobbib) said :
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Bob Bib (bobbib) said :
Martin Pitt wrote:
It's not reporting a Launchpad bug any more, but to There are no bugs to subscribe to any more. Please see . In previous stable releases, apport did not pop up at all, so this is not at all a functional regression wrt. bug reporting (it certainly can be discussed whether it's an annoying workflow interruption, or confusing, or whatever).

The functionality is not gone, reporting to Launchpad has just been disabled after-release in /etc/apport/crashdb.conf.

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Bob Bib (bobbib) said :

IMHO, bug #1134310 & bug #1185302 are in no way connected with the current question; removed.

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