Bug reporting not working in 11.10

Asked by JMW on 2011-11-26

Tried running ubuntu-bug. It does not work. I clicked on 'Other problem' and it came back asking for a process ID just before it died.

The documentation for bug reporting looks a bit outdated, making references to what looks like old gnome2 desktops.

Looks like the Ubuntu developers don't like criticism. I saw a piece in Linux Journal describing Ubuntu bug reporting as byzantine.

I agree. The documentation about how to file a bug, besides being outdated, does not seem warm and inviting.

First things first. How do I get ubuntu-bug to work?
Second, why do I have to type alt-f2 ubuntu-bug? Why can't this be in a more convenient place?
Third, why does Apport pop up after I invoke ubuntu-bug? What is Apport?

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If you run:

ubuntu-bug packagename

It will start the process. ALT+F2 is pretty convenient, it's may also be in the dash search. Apport gathers deatils about the system relevant to the bug report and adds it to save users having to grab the data manually and save bug fixers having to ask for basic details, apport already does a lot of the legwork.

JMW (wmj011) said : #2

Still, you see my point don't you?
Bug reporting chez Ubuntu seems very broken. The documentation is out of date and what is there describes a very convoluted and confusing process.

What is wrong with having a simple web-page for reporting bugs? Something that would allow a civilian to make a general bug report? I understand developers need specific information. A good reporting system would provide space for the more technical folks to describe the bug in all the needed detail.

Am I wrong?

marcus aurelius (adbiz) said : #3

instead of pressing Alt-F2, you can go into terminal and type ubuntu-bug yourself.

to non technical people, the process seems tedious, but for the techies, the process streamlines everything for them. if they came back and asked you to supply the necessary files so they can analyze what caused the problem, would you be able to do so? probably not. apport makes it easier for you by automating things.

would you rather have windoze where you have to PAY them to report a bug? and you have to wait forever for a patch to come out?

JMW (wmj011) said : #4

I think I made my point. There is a lot of room for improvement in how Ubuntu does bug reporting. There are ways to make it easier for both techies an civilians to report bugs and provide the necessary detail to the developers.

You make a good point about Microsoft. You do have to pay to tell them what is wrong with their products.

Again, with some small improvements, Ubuntu has an opportunity to shine in this area, and really show how it should be done.

This forum isn't about making points, it's about resolving issues. If the bug reporting method is too complex in your opinion, you can submit a bug or submit a suggestion on http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com

JMW (wmj011) said : #6

Fine. Will do. I asked some questions as well as made some points. They seemed to go well together.

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