Question about bug reporting - to /ubuntu or /ubuntu/oneiric ?

Asked by Kolin S. Murray on 2011-10-14

As I understand it, Ubuntu bugs are at:

Bugs specific to oneiric are at:

I want to search for existing bugs affecting oneiric - which bugs should I be searching in? If I search the /ubuntu bugs, won't I find a bunch of bugs that certainly won't apply to oneiric? Or, are ALL the bugs in the /ubuntu section, and the /oneiric group is just a subset/category.

I hope I've made my question clear. I want to help with bug reporting but I want to know the proper place to search for duplicate bugs first.

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You can search with:

If you run:
ubuntu-bug packagename

You can report your own bug and it will be marked as a duplicate if one already exists.

Best Sam_ (and-sam) said : #2


Bugs are assigned to packages.

Tags regarding the release can be added to bug report.
For example, it's possible that a bug was found in Oneiric but exists already since Natty, so it isn't necessarily assigned to Oneiric only.

Bugs reported via apport
may inform the user if there is an already existing bug and point to it in browser, except it's a private bug (which usually incl. a core-dump and therefore is hidden).

Bugs may also need to be reported upstream.

e.g. finding bugs in gnome-control-center, click on 'Bug reports' there,
filter 'newest' and-or search by keyword.

It's also possible to add launchpad pages to browser search engine in order to search for packages, bug numbers, ppa.

Follow bug status.

Sam_ (and-sam) said : #3

Reference tracking bugs for your own project.

Kolin S. Murray (kolinab) said : #4

Sam and ActionParsnip - thank you both very much for the informative answers. I'll go through all of this to gain a better understanding of the system. I'm so impressed with Oneiric so far that I want to help contribute more in addition to answering basic questions in the forums. I hope to contribute to bug reporting too and this is a big help.

OT - ActionParsnip, thanks for the help on IRC the other night, you went offline before I could thank you.

Kolin S. Murray (kolinab) said : #5

Thanks Sam_, that solved my question.