apport-collect fails to connect to

Asked by sachit on 2011-09-21

I filed a bug report
and was instructed to run apport collect. however apport collect fails to run from the terminal:

$ apport-collect 851958
ERROR: connecting to Launchpad failed: Unable to find the server at
You can reset the credentials by removing the file "/home/user/.cache/apport/launchpad.credentials"
$ rm /home/user/.cache/apport/launchpad.credentials
rm: cannot remove `/home/user/.cache/apport/launchpad.credentials': No such file or directory

What do I do? Why is this happening? Could some one guide me through the diagnostics?
Would like to help out in bug triage but dont know how. Thanks.

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touch /home/user/.cache/apport/launchpad.credentials

See if that helps

Sam_ (and-sam) said : #2

> rm: cannot remove `/home/user/.cache/apport/launchpad.credentials

Options, remove the file with sudo or upload with sudo, which is needed on specific bug reports to allow access on launchpad.
sudo apport-collect 851958

This will open a launchpad page where you're requested to allow access for variable time, afterwards it'll upload necessary files.

Thanks for the quick replies.
However neither touch /home/user/.cache/apport/launchpad.credentials nor running it as sudo worked.

Could it be some system proxy setting? I have set the gconf proxies and the http_proxy, https_proxy env variables. I can update ubuntu, download packages and wget fine.

Have you verified that you have a working Internet connection in the live system at the time that apport-collect is run?

Drew McCray (hintatdrew) said : #5

I'm having a very similar issue. Specifically

>apport-collect {BUG}
Error connecting to Launchpad: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'makefile'
You can reset the credentials by removing the file "/home/durandal/.cache/apport/launchpad.credentials"

The file does not exist. Parents do.

touch-ing the file changes the error to
Error connecting to Launchpad: No configuration for version 1
You can reset the credentials by removing the file "/home/durandal/.cache/apport/launchpad.credentials"

running via sudo does not change output.

Also behind a proxy, configured in gconf, for which http(s) traffic is fine. IRC is also fine through this proxy. Maunually exporting the proxy to the shell does not change output.

Connection is confirmed up during attempt. (web and IM traffic)
Ubuntu Version: Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS
Kernel 2.6.32-33-generic AMD64

Yes the internet connection was working fine. I had the launchpad page open while I was trying this.

Interrupting apport (with Ctrl+c) while it is waiting seems to indicate the time out is occuring at line 128 in

A little searching seems to indicate that the httplib2 on which apport depends (as of ver 0.7.1) cannot
(a) work from behind squid http proxies see
(b)does not automatically use the proxies set in the env variables http_proxy/https_proxy. (needs to be explicitly set)

been trying to use the latest libs but no luck.

So is this bug 619610, then?

Lealcy B. Junior (lealcy) said : #9

This bug affects me as well. I'm running behind a proxy and I have all proxy env setted.

Can you help with this problem?

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