amsn 0.98.2 update release, ¡please update rep!

Asked by José Cabo on 2009-11-28


The amsn 0.98.2 has been released. Please, update the repositories... The actual version of amsn (0.98.1) has some bugs.

If you won't compile or update the rep I have this version compiled by me. How can I propose the package?


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The aMSN daily repo says different:

José Cabo (folcwine) said : #2

Sorry, but it's not true.

When I use svn update. I [you] can see in tag directory the 0.98.2 version. Moreover, the "last amsn update" is from almost a month ago.

And... i thnik the 0.98.2 installed, hehe.

How can I confirm you this version for the updating of the rep?


José Cabo (folcwine) said : #3

I send a messange to the Amsn Daily team :) I wait hehe

José Cabo (folcwine) said : #4

The maintainer amsn daily tell to me that they update the amsn rep.

Stéphane Marguet (stemp) said : #5

amsn 0.98.2 is ready for testing in the aMSN Daily PPA for karmic

add the repo and run:

sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade

You will now have 0.98.2

José Cabo (folcwine) said : #7

Hi, actionparsnip.

mmm, thanks. But the ideal is update to this version because the 0.98.1 has some bugs that in the 0.98.2 was resolved.

Which the problem for update the amsn package in karmic? Time spent in Lucid?

José Cabo (folcwine) said : #8

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.

José Cabo (folcwine) said : #10

Hi actionparsnip.

Thanks again. But Ubuntu brainstorm wasn't invented to solve these "problems" (my questions and/or bugs).

Ok, I can understand that you (all of you) have time to spent time in update some package in the last Ubuntu stable version. But posting in brainstorm my question don't resolve the bugs in amsn package --and others--.

The maintainers don't update the amsn package because "I" don't have approval of other users.

You post that you think amsn should be added to the main repo instead of the the older version

José Cabo (folcwine) said : #12

Hi actionparsnip!

I said that the actual version of amsn 0.98.1 IN universe repository of Ubuntu ( ) has some annoying bugs. Like:
The last update, the most stable version of amsn: v. 0.98.2 resolve some of the previous bugs in amsn 0.98.1 and, in my case, amsn turns usable :D

The question is why don't update to the most stable version of amsn in the ubuntu oficial reps (in plural) if 0.98.2 (the most stable version) correct some bugs and it permit that part of the users with "little knowledge" to have a good "sensation" (sorry, I don't have best translation of "feel good")?

Regards actionparsnip!