where to find instructions for dummies for amarok and listen?

Asked by Terry O'Brien

I have followed up various links and gone to the websites but cannot find much in the way of simple and clear instructions about how to use Amarok or Listen Music Player? I have Xubuntu 9.04 and when I try to copy a cd to the computer via the 'Xubuntu Documentation' instructions it says to click on 'Devices' in the left pane (and then 'extract') - but no such word as 'devices' can be found, and when I right click on 'Add' it has a word 'enqueue' which isn't in the dictionary - is it French? I go to the website and cannot understand hardly any of the terms or acronyms - why is it assumed everyone knows what these mean? and if you don't know then where can we go to find out? I don't have this problem with Ubuntu 9.04 RhythmBox which copies cds with simple instructions. So I tried to download R/box to Xubuntu and it says it conflicts with other software - so go to 'Synaptic Packages' which confronts me with more gobbly gook that I have not the faintest idea how to proceed with. I think all the instructions need to be clear, simple and available to the ordinary non tech minded user. Can anyone point me in the direction of simple instructions for all of the above? Thanks heaps! Terry

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Terry O'Brien (dialogue-quest) said :

And when I go to click on 'Help' and then 'Amarok Handbook' a window pops up saying 'Error - KDE Help Centre' - the file help;/amarok/index.html does not exist. Give me a break! (sorry to sound frustrated - but why doesn't it exist?!)

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Best arochester (arochester) said :
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Terry O'Brien (dialogue-quest) said :

thanks, I have had a brief look at the above site, but it still looks to be a very roundabout way to find out basic instructions for using Amarok and Listen 0.5 music players. I have just found the RhythmBox Manual:
which provides easy and comprehensive instructions and links, so I simply wish to know if the other two players have likewise and if so - is there a link to them?

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Terry O'Brien (dialogue-quest) said :

Thanks Guys, this was the 'Handbook' I was looking for, but in both Ubuntu & Xubuntu 9.04 systems the same error came up: Error - KDE Help Centre: The file or folder -------- does not exist!
So, I guess this will need to be looked at. Thanks again - Terry

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Valorie Zimmerman (valorie-zimmerman) said :

Yikes, this Handbook is last dated 2006! It's very far out of date. Perhaps that's why the link has been broken in the program.