My amarok doesn't play any songs, or at least I can't hear them. "Too many errors encountered in playlist. Playback stopped"

Asked by Maria on 2009-05-20

Hello all,
I have an amd 64 and I am using the new ubuntu. After the upgrade, my amarok is not playing. It keeps saying that there are too many errors on the list and playback is stopped. I have no clue what is going on, can you help me please?

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thomas1187 (7tisix) said : #1

Install libxine1-ffmpeg with your software package management.

winter123 (bradye) said : #2

just wondering why does this work? I had the same issue. why doesnt amarok just come with it if everyone has to download this extra thing??

thomas1187 (7tisix) said : #3

Not sure. I hope the kubuntu team would fix this in a future release or add as a update.

richard (richard-a-ranieri) said : #4

I have the same problem and already have libxine1-ffmpeg installed.

thomas1187 (7tisix) said : #5

Make sure you have all of the dependecies for libxine1-ffmpeg.

I found out why they don't include it, i think. MP3 is a copyrighted protocol and isn't "free". This is one reason to convert all your music to the new formats that are free. However, most mp3 players won't be able to use the new format.. blah!

winter123 (bradye) said : #6

I could swear it wouldnt play AAC either before I got ffmpeg. So what are "free formats"?

Shantanu Tushar (jhahoneyk) said : #7

>> So what are "free formats"?

Free formats means formats which comply with the guidelines of Free Software ( . That is, the format encoding/decoding algorithms must be "free" (free as in freedom).

Tamar (tamar) said : #8

I already have libxine1-ffmpeg installed and I've made sure that I have all of the dependendecies. I still have got the same problem, it still says "Too many errors encountered in playlist. Playback stopped." whenever I try to listen to a song. Does anyone know what to do now?

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