i can't get my sound card works on ubuntu 9.04

Asked by ador on 2009-05-01

when i had the ubuntu 8.04 there's a sound but when i upgrade it to ubuntu 9.04 it didn't work , completely no sound i'm at lost and a new comer to this system which is gaining popularity that's why i switch my xp to linux but maybe because its dell ?

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ador (valorad) said : #1

plese i need your help

ador (valorad) said : #2

you can get in touch with me on this email ad <email address hidden>

Alexander Jones (alex-weej) said : #3

You need to report this as a bug, but you will have to be prepared to provide more information so we can solve the problem.

Tom (tom6) said : #4

Hi, sorry you've not had many answers. Please try re-posting your question using this link

I have some trouble-shooting guides that might help


Also there are some more places worth trying to get help from

Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

ador (valorad) said : #5

thanks a lot tom for your support and infobut i think i had to change the sound card beacuse even in the ubuntu 8.04 it doesn't work well

ador (valorad) said : #6

may sound card is creative audigy audio processor wdm

Tom (tom6) said : #7

That sounds like a card that should work well but maybe does need some help working through the links i gave? Did any of them help?

ador (valorad) said : #8

tom thanks a lot for your help but biether of the links that you gave me me

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ador (valorad) said : #9

tom and alexander jones , i just want to inform you that i changed my sound card (hardware ) and sot the bios of the sound to off and download the driver/pilote from the hardware and now it works perfectly , my ubuntu 9.04 thanks a lot for all your concern

Tom (tom6) said : #10

Brilliant, nicely done :)))
Congrats and welcome to linux-land, especially the Ubuntu corner :))
Regards from
Tom :)

Wells (wellsp) said : #11

Do you use anything other than Unbuntu ? I also run Windows/Vista and wonder if mucking with the soundcard wpuld affect Vista ?

ador (valorad) said : #12

 Before i have windows xp pro on my dell pc then i decided to install the ubuntu 8.04 but the sound is on and ff so i downloaded the ubuntu 9.04 but to no avail the more there's no sound .Whatever and however i've tried still no sound so i decided to change the sound card and it works well