Internal speakers and headphones not working properly after several back and forths

Asked by Atman on 2019-08-21

After switching back and forth between my (newly purchased) headphones into 3.5mm audio jack and the internal speakers, I still get notifications from apps like Discord, but sound from games, Firefox or Chrome, etc...

For example, I can get the "Audio Test" for "front Left/Right" to work, but I can't get audio from games or videos from my primary sources of media.

I've tried rebooting several times, and changing my settings, rebooting without the headphones plugged in a couple of times... I'm getting a bit frustrated

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What is the output of:

wget -O && chmod +x ./ && ./


Atman (atmankost) said : #2

I believe I may have fixed the issue... I've been using my laptop to play movies on my TV, and my best friend unplugged the HD cable without first switching the sound over to the laptop manually through the Utility Tools/Control Panel... That let my sound work "properly" for a while till I started to try and plug and unplug my headphones....

I plugged the HDMI cable back into the laptop, went to the Utility/Control Panel and manually changed the settings back to the internal outputs (display and sound) and everything seems to be working fine now...

This was a huge pain in the ass, and seems like some form of driver issue or something that I never had problems with while using Windows... Though in full disclosure I haven't used the last 3 iterations of windows, the last I used was XP and then transitioned to Linux, but I'm still not that great with linux...