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Since we had this summer over 45°C and my Laptop did not overheat i was just surprised that after the latest kernel update my Laptop started to do an emergency shutdown now and then. My first try was to change the fan settings in the Bios and oops there is no such thing. Only a choice where you might keep the fan running (I never shut of) or you allow it to shut down if it pleases to do so. No temperature adjustment. After reading a bit HP site i found that they have a algorithm for fan control and it is obvious that is intended to keep the laptop silent.
Though silence is not my main trouble but a fresh fried cpu is.
Has anybody a idea how to overcome the HP silent treatment and get some adjustment to temperature settings by making the fan work earlier.
sensors tells me the following but all my feeble attempts to find and adjust it failed so far.

Adapter: Virtual device
temp1: +56.1°C (crit = +108.0°C)
temp2: +23.4°C (crit = +108.0°C)

Adapter: PCI adapter
temp1: +56.1°C (high = +70.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)

I'm good with Horses not with bites (too many teeth).


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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

No mention of the actual model. Can you please enlighten us...

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Atadam (getmeahorseor2) said :

Hopefully yes...
HP 625 Amd Athlon p320 dual core

System Report

/sys/class/dmi/id/bios_version:68DVA Ver. F.03
/sys/class/dmi/id/product_name:HP 625
/sys/class/dmi/id/board_version:KBC Version 72.0E
/sys/class/dmi/id/board_asset_tag:Base Board Asset Tag

bogomips 4189
cache 524288
count 2
model AMD Athlon(tm) II P320 Dual-Core Processor
model_number 16
model_revision 3
model_version 6

other fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush mmx fxsr sse sse2 ht syscall nx mmxext fxsr_opt pdpe1gb rdtscp lm 3dnowext 3dnow constant_tsc nonstop_tsc extd_apicid pni monitor cx16 popcnt lahf_lm cmp_legacy svm extapic cr8_legacy abm sse4a 3dnowprefetch osvw ibs skinit wdt nodeid_msr npt lbrv svm_lock nrip_save

platform i386
speed 2100 (runs ondemand 800)
type AuthenticAMD

and before i forget...
since the last 2 Kernel updates the graphic memory seems to be overloaded after suspend.
Anything loaded that needs a lot of graphic memory or virtual box overheats the cpu after suspend and tends to do so after a cold start.
I wasn't able to use virtual box for a time now but had no trouble before even with cpu virtualisation enabled.

I hope this is enough enlightenment for now.

Thanks in advance and a

Happy new year to you and all others of the Launchpad team.


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Atadam (getmeahorseor2) said :

Whatever the reason was for my trouble, the last update did the trick!

Thank you Andrew and all the others from Launchpad.

You are amazing Guys, and the one and a half year i am using Ubuntu, i cannot say how nice it is to just open Launchpad and spill your trouble!

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Atadam (getmeahorseor2) said :

It must be the eleventh commandment.
You shall not update your Laptop to a higher kernel
I am back to square one.
Though i believe if i could find the file where the start temperature values for the fan to kick in are stored on this Laptop and alter them to a lower degree it might just do the trick.
But where are they???

Sorry to trouble you again.


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Atadam (getmeahorseor2) said :

Yes, i have found the file and
Yes, i have 251 access and
Yes, how do i alter the file without interrupting your security

because this is the only trouble i have found


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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said :

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Atadam (getmeahorseor2) said :

The fascinating thing is that since last year summer and today the usability of my Laptop has decreased. The very moment i had another emergency shut-down and all that was needed is having a torrent client run and playing Emilia Pinball for 5 minutes.
What has happened?
Is there a special treat to promote overheating issues or should i use the maverick cd from last year to make my laptop work again.
Windows always improved on their troubles with service packs but update Ubuntu seems to have sometimes the opposite effect. With every update, my Laptops usefulness is decreasing and since i took the time to google a few days it must be a kernel problem.
So the question is, what has changed from last summer until autumn when my overheating issues started.
Before you ask, it is not a dirty fan or any fathomable hardware issue.
The inside of my Laptop is spotless clean and still looks like it would have come fresh from the assembly line.

The overheating seems to be unrelated to graphics because i can listen to music, have a torrent client run, and play open tyrian or blobwars for an hour without any issue.
On the other hand Emilia Pinball overheats the thing in 5 minutes.
Virtual Box, which i could use last summer with cpu virtualisation and cpu usage of 75% for the host, has rendered itself useless.
I use it now since months, without virtualisation and 25% cpu allowance (and i would not use it at all if it wouldn't be the easiest way to use windows to remodel a vba program of mine).
..... and all this happened in 9 month.

Since i do not believe that there is a simple answer to my trouble i leave this as a comment with the hope that someone will take a look and do something before i throw the computer out of my life.

with best hope that someone will squash the bug M.Peters

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

Tried Precise liveCD, may be better for you....

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Atadam (getmeahorseor2) said :

The day i have something with a touchscreen or stop to translate in
between three languages and restore the results as handwritten xhtml i
might consider something with Unity as desktop environment. Since all
Linux seem to have the same overheating trouble now i consider to wait
and see, because after using Ubuntu for 2years there is no going back to
What bothers me personally is, that i still need to find and learn a
programing language that allows me to rebuilt my horse feeding program
with a gui like i have made for excel with vba. Though, still i need to
review and use the about 1million signs of code i have built inside
excels gui and not to forget a few hundred formula's extracted and
altered from german and english veterinary papers whom alone account for
about 1,5GB of the storage i use. Not to mention the new bugs i will

Until then, i might consider to answer to use any OS with Unity as Gui
like the folks from Überstudent who seem to like Unity just as much as i

To come down to hardware drivers. Before the trouble in autumn started,
i used the kernels driver and that was just perfect. Since then i
switched to firmware and it renders now better than the kernels driver
but before, it was the kernels driver who worked better.

If you would take the time to look into the overheating issue you could
see that Lubuntu,Mint,Ubuntu,Überstudent,Debian and other distros have
the same trouble. Since their only common thing is the kernel i will
wait for it or try to find and restore the one i had last summer.

Since we do not talk about what renders nice but what overloads my amd
twin cpu by using a simple task like playing a game which i have used on
windows with celeron cpu without trouble and have used on this very
machine without trouble and now cannot use at all.

To completely get any misunderstandings out of the way, this is not
about why i cannot use a pinball game. This is about why programs i have
used 9 month ago without the slightest trouble now start to overheat the
cpu in no time.

This moment i have opened the pinball game and as result i wasn't able
to type anymore. Has this program become something else...no.
Has the kernel changed??? Yes

So the first question is what overfeeds the cpu and why.
Second question would be why does the fan start late and uses only low
to medium speed.

Now i re-opened emilia pinball and observed running processes.
Pulseaudio is noted as sleeping and starts with a cpu usage of 4% to
consume whatever is left after a few seconds.
Take a look at the screenshots.

process cpu usage

pinball 66%
gnome-system-monitor starts with 12% ends with 10%
compiz 6%
after short popup of
pulsaudio starts with 4% and rises until every resource is consumed.

I did the same with Virtual Box without using anything. I just opened
the gui.
Funny thing is, the gnome-system-monitor has cpu usage frequently
changing between 6 to 64% and everything else including virtual-box
Open and boot xp within comes to 130% cpu usage for virtual box and
system monitor takes over 50% (however these days % is measured).
After the virtual boot process had finished, system monitors cpu usage
changed between 18 and 50%.

To summ it up.
Is gnome-system-monitor a liar or is it something else like a system
call that ends as a loop.

> Goto: Line1
   end with
    end sub

With best regards M.Peters

Change happens every second, but that does not mean that i have to like

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Atadam (getmeahorseor2) said :

Since this troubled me a lot, i made some tryouts to determine the source of the overheating. After removing compiz my laptop found the fifth gear for its fan and cools better at higher heat values but forgot some lower gears. Whatever compiz has to do with the trip point of the cpu temperature and fan gear.

Since this wasn't enough i removed the fglrx driver and gained a 20 degree drop. My testing game "pinball" remained playable.
This is still far away from last summer but i will not fry my laptop with any Office application.
Pulseaudio was listed with a nice value of -11 (i cannot guess why) which i changed to 0 without any trouble (no change in performance or cpu usage).

Now sensors tells me i have 72 degrees idle and had before the changes 60 degrees.
Funny thing is, it feels cooler now.

The question remains why i have to do this and .... what in gods name has compiz to do with fan speed.
and last but not least there is the feeling on my fingertips and the value sensors show.

I hope this is a piece of information that will help to solve the heat mystery.

with best regards M.Peters

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Atadam (getmeahorseor2) said :

Lets sum it up.
Lets sum this up.
I removed compiz and the proprietor graphic device driver and had as a result changing fan speeds and ten degree higher readings on sensor.
Now the testing device i use is totem.
After removing compiz and driver i was able to have a system shut-down within 5 minutes using totem. Probably it happened because the film i used was bad taste (a Schwarzenegger product).
Since gnome-system-monitor uses to much cpu i used terminal and top to extract some values.
Procedure cpu usage
totem starts with 91%
all other small
things whatever is left

The reason for all this new behaviour is, if i need to make a guess, the system resources bound to graphic driver and the 32 friends he has on my laptop.
We have a program that is pushing system resources to the disposal of the graphic driver which in return should probably render a 3d cube on my gnome desktop.

This is a bug

Can you help with this problem?

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