Linux Sucks Battery

Asked by Muhammad Umar Ibrahim on 2012-09-20

I have brand new Dell inspiron n5110. In Win 7 i get 4hrs of battery timing while Ubuntu 12.04 it only lasts for 1 hour.
I have tried Lubuntu 12.04 and Papermint os 3 in live mode using usb but these distros also don't have good power management.
I reduced the brightness but it just added 5 more minutes.
Is there any linux distro which consume less battery? I want more battery timing not asking for a lightweight distro since i have power full laptop.
Don't tell me about jupiter or any other app like it. I am asking about a linux distro which is specially designed to consume less laptop battery.

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Is is it a dual GPU system (nvidia and intel)?

Peppermint and Lubuntu are based on Ubuntu. Peppermint is even based on Lubuntu so you actually tried nothing different at all. The kernel, power management and source of packages is 100% identical.....

Yes, i has both Intel hd graphic and nvidia. Intel gpu is primary.
If i continue using ubuntu or any other distro on my notebook would it harm its hardware?
 Linux is too old now but why it is not succeeding like windows? why linux developers are not trying to make it as easier as windows for new users? why can't we install offline setup of any software easily? I am using ubuntu for a long time but i never felt at home. I always had issues sometimes regarding software and sometimes regarding hardware. i don't wanna waste my money for buying licence for windows but its linux who makes me do that.

That causes the issue. Optimus sucks in Linux. Its a very well known fact. this guide may help bu t I have never seen a success story with optimus. It's not harming the hardware at all, there is just very little support for the mess that is optimus. Linux is not old at all. The latest mainline kernel was released 6 days ago, so how is that old?

You may find this helps:

If you knew you were going to install Ubuntu, why did YOU not do a little research to see how the intended system would run? To see if what is in the system would work well.

In short this is NVIDIA'S FAULT. If they cannot support the features in the OS then that is their fault, not Ubuntu's. If Nvidia can make this work then it will affect all distros and the technology (no matter how garbage it may be) will function. Similarly if there is some hardware which has no Win7 driver and doesn't work, this is not a reflection of Windows, it's the fault of the manufacturer.

Think about it before making such wild statements.

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.