Display won't turn on after Suspend Resume

Asked by James Peruggia on 2012-06-29

I have a dell e5410 laptop, and recently did a new install of ubuntu 12.04. Everything seems to be working fine, but when I close the lid or do a suspend via power button, the computer will suspend as expected, but when I open the lid or press the power button to resume, the screen will not turn back on. It stays black. I have tried the alt+f1 , alt+f7 fix, and was not successful. The only thing I can do is turn the machine off ( long hold of power button) and reboot.

This is very frustrating as I move around alot with my laptop and I need this feature to work.

I am using the Intel integrated graphics controller rev 02. I know its not a hardware issue because it works fine on my windows partition.

Please help

Are there any bugs reported?

James Peruggia (peruggiaj) said : #2

No there aren't any bugs that I can see, is there something I can do to bring up a bug report?

If you run:

ubuntu-bug acpi

It will start the process

James Peruggia (peruggiaj) said : #4

No there were no bugs reported. Another hting I have noticed is that if I look really close to the screen, I can see the log in box, and if I type my password, it goes away, but the screen stays dark. Its as the backlight will not turn on for some reason.

James Peruggia (peruggiaj) said : #5

Linked to bug report.

Mark Wetzel (mark-wetzel) said : #6

I have the exact same problem on an HP Pavillion G7 laptop with the i386 chipset.

New install of 12.04 with Wubi over Win7.

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