Upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 but can't "shutdown" my system... "shutdown" option works exactly line "logout" option.

Asked by Stephen Helden on 2012-05-21

I was unable to use the "update" manager when migrating from Ubuntu 11.10 to 12.04... as, an error message indicated that I couldn't proceed. So, I had to create a "live 12.04 disk" and do an install, and then copy all of my "home directory" files back.

All went well with the above, except for the fact that I now can't shut my system down by using the "Shut=Down" option, as that option works exactly like the "Log Out" option. The only way I can currently shut my system down is to "crrash it" by depressing the PC's power on button. Is this phenomena unique to me? .. How can I get this fixed?



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If you run:

sudo shutdown -h now

Does it turn off?

Stephen Helden (sh74235) said : #2

Yes, thanks. The "sudo shutdown -h now" command does work! (The
shut-down option, off the top-level drop-down menu, doesn't... but, no
matter, I'll use the command line approach going forward).


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> Does it turn off?
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Sam_ (and-sam) said : #3

Please consider to report a bug.
ubuntu-bug linux

Assign a shortcut as workaround.

There seems to be a collection of shutdown issues with 12.04.

Stephen Helden (sh74235) said : #4

I've been having a problem, as my system was hanging when I selected "Shut-Down" option from the Ubuntu dropdown menu. This problem was remediated when the "Update manager" patched the kernal to a release 3.4.

Now, I was presented with the latest "Update Manager" patch and when I complied, my Ubuntu image file was impacted, and now my kernal release is back to "3.2.0-24-generic-pae", and, of course, I'm hanging when I select the "shut-down" option from the Ubuntu dropdown menu.

Can you please release a "Update Manager" patch that will remediate this. Thanks.

Sam_ (and-sam) said : #5

Stephen, please report a new bug about the issue.

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