gnome-hal fails to handle encrypted HD partition correctly

Asked by csoler

I have an encrypted partition on my hard disc (/dev/sda6, which is not the home-dir partition, but simply an additional private region of my HD). When I log in, gnome-hal (?) asks me for the password, then hangs if the passwd is correct. To correct this I added /dev/sda6 in /etc/pmount.allow, but now the mounted partition appears as /media/usbdisk, which is incoherent (It should be named sda6 at least)

If I press on cancel in the passwd box, everything goes on well, and I can mount my partition with pmount from a term, passing a correct label as argument.

Once mounted, this partition cannot be umounted using the disk applet, which complains that 'you are not root'. It can be umounted with pumount without any problem (and without sudo)

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csoler (cyril-soler) said :

I forgot to tell that the partition is luks-encrypted.

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seldon7 (ubuntu-pengo) said :

I have also noticed this problem.

To replicate, set up an encrypted partition via the instructions on However, do not do the modifications to /etc/fstab or /etc/crypttab (if you do those mods as well, you will get the password showing up duing the kernel load). When gnome starts, you will get a dialog box popping up saying gnome sees an unmounted encrypted partition and asks for its password. However, once you type in the password, it just hangs.

csoler is right in saying that the dialog box will work if you edit /etc/pmount.allow (thanks for this tip!). However, the mounted encrypted partition will show up as a 'usbdisk' whether it is a usbdisk or not, and i seem to be unable to unmount it.

Perhaps the problem is that gnome assumes that an encrypted partition will be on a usbdrive.

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Christian Tschabuschnig (tschaboo) said :

i experience the same problem ( ).

since i prefer to mount my luks-partitions manually when needed i just want to get rid of those windows asking for the password after gnome-login. can someone tell me how to do this?

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Fridtjof Busse (fbusse-deactivatedaccount-deactivatedaccount) said :

It would indeed be nice if this label-problem could get fixed. Every LUKS is named "usbdrive*", although they carry a correct label. Makes identification of the correct drive a lot harder if you have several external drives. Any hope for a fix or at least a comment?

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