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Asked by s_raiguel on 2009-11-14

After upgrading to Ubuntu Karmic (64-bit) and ext4, I find that ext2fsd running under XP will mount the ext4 volume, and will display the root directory, but all directories therein appear empty in Explorer or the Windows command line. Ext2fsd had no problem reading or writing to the Linux partition under XP/64-bit Jaunty, so I assume this is an issue with ext4. Has anybody else experienced this behavior and is there a known fix?

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Try reinstalling the app in Windows. This is not strictly an Ubuntu question as the issues you are having with, is a windows programme. The Ubuntu system you are accessing is working ok, you are having issues with Windows.

s_raiguel (raiguel) said : #2

I have, as a matter of fact, already re-installed Ext2fsd, making sure to get the latest version which, purportedly, has at least read-write support for ext4. And yes, I apologize for for posting here what is essentially a Windows application, but since it does involve access to an ext partition and an application written by and for Linux users, i judged, perhaps mistakenly, that the chances of finding an answer on an Ubuntu forum were infinitely greater than those on a Windows-centric forum.

s_raiguel (raiguel) said : #4

A bit more searching reveals that this is a rather well-known issue with ext4, producing a good many disgrundled complaints concerning Ubuntu's decision to make ext4 the default file system for Karmic.

Despite the implication in documentation accompanying ext2fsd that the program is interworkable with ext4, it seems to be the general observation that this is, in fact, not at all the case, and progress in that venue will have to await some future effort by the developers Ext2fsd. With that, I think this thread can be considered closed, if not exactly solved.

Colin Ian King (colin-king) said : #5

Hrm, the fact that ext2fsd is behind the curve should not mean that Ubuntu should not have moved to ext4. In fact, users have a choice at install time to chose their default filesystem, so if they want to use ext2fsd to access their files, then there is still an option to chose ext2 or ext3 at installation. Ext4 has been around for quite a while now, so if ext2fsd does not support it then it is a little behind the curve, so it's best to ask the ext2fd developers when they will bring it up to date.

ext2fsd is not part of Canonical or Ubuntu. Ubuntu works great on Ext4. The fact that some 3rd party application doesnt work with its filesystem is of no concern to Ubuntu. If the devs want people to still use their application they will need to release a new version with ext4 support.

Not an Ubuntu question as I stated earlier.

s_raiguel (raiguel) said : #7

One more comment here, then I'll leave this unproductive thread to its own devices. Not only ext2fsd, but another program designed to let dual-boot users access their Linux partitions, ext2ifs, exhibits, I mean, exactly the same behavior. And no, it's certainly not the Ubuntu developer's problem, and the impetus lies solely upon the third-party developers to get on the ball and come up with solutions. While perhaps not actually supported by canonical, this software is in fact covered in Ubuntu's online documentation. It was therefore my vain hope that somebody here on this august forum might possess sufficient knowledge of the workings of such Linux-oriented software to know of some clever solution, and I apologize to the moderators if the post was inappropriate.

Can you link me to where it is covered. I'd love to have a read.

Its all good and has been civil (I'm not a moderator) so is ok. I'd pressure the ext2fsd guys to make a move.

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