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Asked by Athani on 2009-11-05


I have Windows 7 running on my PC. I am looking to install Ubuntu 9.10 as the second OS.

My PC has one hard drive of 150 GB. It has two partitions of 75 gigs each. They show as drives C: and D: in Windows. The partition C: has Windows installed on it. I want to install Ubuntu in partition D:. I do not want to make any change to the Windows partition. And I want Ubuntu to use the whole of the D: partition. Can someone give me a step-by-step guide on how to do it. I need help in handling the "Prepare disk space" and "Prepare partitions" sections of the Ubuntu installer.

I will attach a screenshot of the "Prepare disk space" section for better clarity of my position.

Thank you.

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Colin Ian King
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Athani (chandan-athani) said : #1

The "Prepare disk space" screen says:

This computer has Windows 7 (loader) on it.

Windows 7 (loader) (/dev/sda1) 74.6 GB
/dev/sda5 74.5 GB

May I add that both the partitions are formatted in NTFS format.


Best Colin Ian King (colin-king) said : #2

Drive C: is the one listed as /dev/sda1, and drive D: is the one listed as /dev/sda5. Drive C: is in the primary partition, drive D: is in the logical partition. If you want to totally destroy D: then delete the NTFS parition /dev/sda5 and use this to create two new partitions: /dev/sda5 (e.g. for your ext4 filesytem) and /dev/sda6 (for your swap partition).

Hope that's clear.

Athani (chandan-athani) said : #3

Thanks for the help. I will delete the NTFS partition /dev/sda5. What size should be the ext4 file system and the swap partitions?

zvacet (ivicakolic) said : #4

I will do it this way

1. root = 10GB mountpoint /
2.swap = 1-2GB
3.home = rest of free space mountpoint /home

But install order will be : root,home,swap

With separate home you files and settings will be safe so it is good idea to make separate home partition.To do that use manual way to install.

Athani (chandan-athani) said : #5


I created root of about 70 GB and a 3 GB swap file. I did not create a home partition. Just did it before I got your answer zvacet as I could not wait to install Ubuntu. Will I have any problems?


zvacet (ivicakolic) said : #6

You system will run well without separate home.I told you why is good to have separate home,so if you want to make one follow

Athani (chandan-athani) said : #7

Thanks Colin King, that solved my question.