*** System restart required *** Ubuntu 9.04 jaunty

Asked by specjalista.it on 2009-06-26


 After i logged into console I can see *** System restart required *** in something like motd.
I wonder how can enable to computer automatically restart when it's required .

I have no X server - only console. Putting commands to restart every day it's not good idea.

Any ideas?

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Nandan Vaidya (gotunandan) said : #1

Or you could create an alias for the reboot command.

$ alias rb='sudo reboot'

Also the Ubuntu by default will not restart on its own, since the user maybe have some important work going on.
And by restarting the work might be lost, if it has not been saved.

Are you really sure you want the system to restart automatically, it can be a hinderance, rather than helpful.

But there are no users on this server. This computer have some services.
So maybe you know to which file string '*** System restart required ***' is added?
It's /etc/motd. If so - I will add script to crontab to check if this string exist and if so - it will be restarted (after check if no users are logged and there is no connection to server).

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Nandan Vaidya (gotunandan) said : #3

I am not sure where the '*** System restart required ***' string is added. Apart from that your logic is correct. It would be better to have it automatically restart as long as it checks for users,connections,etc.

You should try posting this query in the ubuntuforums.org or you can ask same question on #ubuntu channel on the irc.freenode.net network on IRC.

You could use X-Chat to connect to IRC
Download X-Chat from Add/Remove Programs

Maybe somebody else here will have the answer for you too

Jeruvy (jeruvy) said : #4

The only time you'll get a 'system reboot required' (or whatever it said) message is if you have a kernel update. There is a package you can download that actually will hotpatch even kernel updates without a reboot. It's called ksplice and you can download it for jaunty here: http://www.ksplice.com/uptrack/ (may require KDE I do not know, I've only heard of this package).

Regardless, rebooting a system should only be done by an attentive operator and never automagically. If the new kernel breaks something and doesn't permit the system to boot you'd need to be aware of what happened and why (in other words, read the messages on the screen, log into root console and fix)

For the few times you will need to reboot a ubuntu system, and seeing that kernel updates are the most volatile, I'd highly suggest just spend a couple minutes rebooting when you see the message or the icon on your desktop.

Darxus (darxus) said : #5

Yes, it's /etc/motd.

Tim Zehta (timzehta) said : #6

You could test for the existence of /var/run/reboot-required in a cron script.

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