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I'm taking a linux course at a JC, and am considering creating a ppp or slip connection between my desktop and laptop. Some of why I want to do this is becoming less relevant, but basically I keep my personal data on an external usb drive and all my usb devices are shared through a usb switch. This is bothersome to change back and forth and runs some risk if I change devices without dismounting.

A ppp or slip connection with the ability to ftp and / or putty between the two sytems will do all I need, which is basically file transfer, and do it with minimal expense. I have 10/100 baseT connectors on both system, would have to put in a serial card on my desktop to use null modem cable.

I have found websites that detail setting up ppp, most of them make references to dial up modems whereas I just want a system to system connection, and to make sure that I can transfer files once I get the connection configured.

I assume I can do the research required, but comments on the the viability and a bit of a road map would be helpful.

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FactTech (launchpad-facttechnologies) said :

Assuming both computers are connected via ethernet or wifi networks, there is no need to set up a ppp or slip connection in order to share files between them. You can install an ftp server on the desktop and use an ftp client on your laptop to make a connection via your local network.

Are you using Ubuntu on both computers?

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

If both systms are on the same lan you can simply share the drive in linux or windows and connect over LAN. Samba is used by Linux to share folders which is how the USB device is viewed in linux. Simple file sharing of the folder will be accessible in Ubuntu as the default install gives an smbclient.

You do not need PPP or Telnet to share files.

Have I satisfied your question?

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rdtindsm (rdtinknx) said :

Sorry if I was unclear. I am connected to the web via DSL and will admit that I know nothing about the possibility of networking over a DSL connection, although I have had putty connections and used ftp from the command line or filezilla to connect to remote computers.

But the computers are sitting feet apart on my home desktop. I do have a DSL line and sharing the drives over the DSL connection is an option worth investigating. I have no idea whether it could be done.

I have seen commercial cables and software to use USB to set up a PPP connection. I simply want a direct connection between the two machines and my knowledge is just enough to be dangerous - i.e. that this is what SLIP and PPP were designed to do.

This is partially a learning exercise, and is in fact my motivation for doing it. I can flip the USB switch or sneaker net a flash drive with my right hand if I have to.

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Best actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

you can run ssh on the ubuntu system (I am guessing the server is ubuntu based, you haven't said) then you can forward a port to the ssh service and use winscp to transfer files from windows.

Any better?

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rdtindsm (rdtinknx) said :

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.