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Asked by Goldy

More then a year ago I knew that the operating system that will run on my new computer will NOT be of Microsoft,
After reading in some Linux forums, I decided to try ubuntu 8.04 . it was PERFECT - I installed it & couldn't be happier: no errors of any kind, I saved my work ONLY as I finish & above all: installed the system only ONCE.

8.10 had a problem booting: can be solved with acpi=off.
9.04 was released with the .dep bug (prevent booting).
Now, the beta versions of 9.10 expect ME, a non (official) programmer, to fix the mistakes! If I need to tell you “on bug send auto message to programmer” then I don't need to tell you.
I want to USE my computer: boot + work. Whay is too complicated for you to do? What changed since 8.04? did you insert microsoft (ex-)workers into the Canonical company?

How is it possible that 8.04 was perfect, & as time pass Canonical becomes more & more “Microsoft like”? Please tell me: when will I see the Canonical version for the blue screen, kernel32 gray message and above all: reinstalling the system over & over again??

Don't tell me “beta”! you already RELEASED TWO bugged versions. Do you really belive in: “pepole will use microsoft or won't use computers”?

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David Stansby (dstansby-deactivatedaccount) said :

Although I appreciate the problems you are having, this isn't really the place to post about them.

If you have specific bugs that are individual please feel free to report them according to theses guidelines:

If you have a question that you need answering, please use the answers section of launchpad:

Otherwise you can use the ubuntuforums to ask the community about problems and how to solve them:

I will change this bug into a question, so other users can answer your questions about the problems you are facing.

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David Stansby (dstansby-deactivatedaccount) said :

Not a specific bug.

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Steve (stupendoussteve-deactivatedaccount) said :

9.10 is not yet even up to Beta quality (and even beta should not be
used by the average user), the CD on the mirrors is Alpha 1 and it is
far from Beta. If you expect a stable system with fewer bugs and issues
(that you can "just USE"), as well as support, you should be using a
release and not the development system. The development system is broken
on probably a daily basis, this is the expected behavior. It is meant to
be used by those who fix the breaks so they can release a good product
in the end.

As to other bugs, yes they happen. They are generally pretty mild, or
very hard to track down and fix. They are usually fixed by the next
release (six months later). It is not necessarily easy for the Ubuntu
distribution to fix things such as kernel bugs for a release, they go
way above the head of the distribution. There are generally workarounds,
or specific warnings in the product release notes.

I am sorry if you feel this is a Microsoft-type behavior, I do not see
it so. You are the one choosing to use a known unstable operating system
(9.10), with numerous bugs which have not all been reported. What part
of that would make you think you would get support to make it stable
elsewhere, and wouldn't be fixing things yourself?

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Goldy (sutrdudk) said :

Maybe the key sentence "you already RELEASED TWO bugged versions." should have been first.

Dear Steven Susbauer:
You missed two sentences:
'8.10 has a problem booting: can be solved with acpi=off.'
__It's not "minor": 8.04 was perfect, and big problems start with 'small' problems.

"9.04 was released with the .dep bug (prevent booting)."
__Do I need to explain that?

I moved to "not-microsoft" because I want something that works. maybe I should downgrade to 8.04 ...
Your explanation, as pantastic as it can be, don't solve the ".dep" bug: I still can't upgrade to 9.04 .

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Steve (stupendoussteve-deactivatedaccount) said :

The acpi=off appears to only be with the livecd. Have you experienced
this issue with an actual install? This IS a relatively minor bug, as it
can be solved by adding a line in your grub config.

Also, what is the .dep bug you speak of. I cannot find it and am not
familiar with the issue. Is it this?

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Steven Danna (ssd7) said :

If you can give us the exact error message you are receiving when attempting to upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04 there are lots of people who would be willing to attempt to find a solution to the problem you are experiencing. Without a bit more detail, however, it will be impossible for anyone to offer a solution.

It is unfortunate that you have run into bugs in the most recent release. Every release is bound to have a few bugs considering the incredible array of hardware combinations and system configurations that Ubuntu is expected to run on. However, it is not advisable to move to 9.10 this early in the development cycle as was mentioned above. Rather, your best bet is to post details of your upgrade problem here to see if we can help you or if it should be converted back into a bug report.

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Goldy (sutrdudk) said :

Yes this is it:
As far I understand, it will work on the corrent INSTALLED system. I need it to work on the .iso file,

"there are lots of people who would be willing to attempt to find a solution to the problem you are experiencing."
__ Can the help come in a form of preperd file(s) I can replace?
From my expirence, the live-usb act the SAME AS the installed system. I don't have an extra hard-drive nor can't do expirements on the corrent one.

"The acpi=off appears to only be with the livecd. Have you experienced
this issue with an actual install?"
__YES! that the only way I can boot my computer today. that whay I don't want to install the alternate.

"This IS a relatively minor bug, as it can be solved by adding a line in your grub config."
__How could I know that? that including the pci=nomsi came to me as a pure 'accident': if that bug was valid for 8.04 I don't think I whould be running ubuntu today.

Windows bugs are always the same, no matter what the hardware is, & according to a survey I saw it runs on 88% of world computers! What they know that eliminated the "hardware combinations and system configurations" bug?
>If microsoft for ANY reason, will release a free bugs system; it will automaticly kill ALL other options...

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peter b (b1pete) said :


for sure you know that 'if it ain't broken don't fix it' - according to your post your experience with 804 distro was a happy one so I'd recommend to stay with it, it is a LTS release supported until 2011; personally I find /consider it to be one of the finest releases ever put out by Canonical - is v stable and reliable; sure there still are some bugs not yet solved but for all tense and purposes it delivers and fulfills expectations of a vast majority of users and works well on various hardware configurations.

I still have installed on my main pc 804, 810 and 904 and can say without any hesitation that 804 and 810 are, in order, my main 'workhorses' so to speak. as far as jaunty 904 is concerned, it just sits there/not using it at all; I'm still hoping that sooner rather than later a new kernel is available that addresses some important bugs (in my case); I found that within the same distro an older kernel version worked better (athough slower) than the final kernel release that pure and simple is not capable of supporting usb attached HD that 804 and 810 never had problems with - so why bother with a newer distro that does not deliver the support that older distros had ?.

so, as already said, pls consider a similar approach - if 804 delivers and meets your expectations stay with it and enjoy a fine free os. there is nothing wrong with experimenting new releases - your mission critical os is good and reliable.

peter b

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peter b (b1pete) said :

Goldy, I forgot, one more thing because you mentioned MS - no doubt that you know the 'great' win ME and Vista os's and all that fanfare that accompanied their releases. where are they now ? how many users spent their hard earned money to 'enjoy' their 'benefits' ?

peter b

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Goldy (sutrdudk) said :

Dear peter b:
If I understand you correctly:
1) Upgading is recommending to LTS only.
2) Install the upgrade to available disk space - don't actually upgrade.

I want to upgrade - use corrent install: How can I do that if I skip a realease? Can I upgrade from 8.10 to 9.10 directly? if not, this is exactly what I writing about.
>>>If I can't use corrent release, will I be able to upgrade to the next one directly? if not, I expect the .dep bug to be solved, even if there is a formal release.

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peter b (b1pete) said :


just to clarify, every upgrade from one distro/release to a newer one be it linux or windows quite frequently produces unexpected results and surprizes; to be sure that you can revert to a good functioning release if something go awry with/during the upgrade process, pls always make an image of your functioning partitions where the os and data live then. and only then. proceed with the upgrade. not happy with the new release ?, just restore the image created beforehand and continue using the release that worked. to the point - if you decide to upgrade say from 804 to 810 before proceeding with the upgrade make sure that you have 804 backed up and available if you're not happy with the end result.

I do daily images of all my hd partitions just to make sure that in case of hardware failure the entire hd contents can be restored. sure I can use these images to restore a previous release in case of an upgrade surprize.

personally, I abandoned a long time ago the process of upgrading to newer releases; even with updates I am v careful what I allow to to be updated. when it comes to new releases/distros I never upgrade - always use fresh distro installs to new partitions that can be booted completely independent of the other distributions - mind you, linux is very good at that. so you could see that I currently have three ubuntu releases/distros namely 804, 810 and 904 and can boot and use any of them at my leisure and also experiment and find out which one serves me best. hd's are these days v inexpensive.

I'd recommend, as said in the previous post, to consider a similar approach - have 804 that you said are happy with as your mission critical setup and the other distros fresh installed to their partitions and independent for experimenting. it'll save you a lot of grief and unnecessary bad feelings.

peter b

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Goldy (sutrdudk) said :

I won't cry.

As you say; I understand that EVERY oprating system is fucked-up, if not directly (windows) then indirectly (linux).
I think that "computers" is a too complicated issue for the corrent programers. maybe they need to be at-least 160IQ or stay with DOS.