tar and copy command not work with installed operation sytem partition

Asked by ajay patil

Hi ,
I install ubuntu 20.04 on USB pen-drive after installation two partition are created which is EFI system and linux filesystem. We try the both copy or create tar file of this two partition and after untar or copy it into other USB pen-drive the operating system is not booting only grub will show. Also we try using dd and it was work for me. But using the copy and tar it was not work. Any suggestion how to create right way of tar of both the partition and after untar that USB pen-drive will work as operating system.
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Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said :

If you want to boot from a device, that device needs certain settings which are stored in the boot sector of the device and not in the partitions. Copying or tar-ing the partitions does not work. You need to copy the whole USB stick, e.g. with dd.

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ajay patil (ajay9292) said (last edit ):

Hi hampl,
Thanks for reply.
Is there method that first store boot sector setting information after that store the root file system?
Without using dd any other method to achieve the goal.


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Best Manfred Hampl (m-hampl) said :

The only way of accessing the boot sector that I know is with dd (or similar tools that directly access the device).

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ajay patil (ajay9292) said :

Thanks for quick reply.
There is way to make the custom root file system ? or how to customize the root file system ?

Thanks and Regarding

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ajay patil (ajay9292) said :

Thanks Manfred Hampl, that solved my question.