Drivers: hv: vmbus: Fix duplicate CPU assignments within a device

Asked by Matthew G McGovern

EDIT: I have been made aware that this was the wrong channel to open this issue in, whoever services this can cancel this answer and I will open a support ticket on the correct platform :)

This is a request to backport a patch from upstream to 16.04 pro, the patch fixes an issue with Ubuntu as a hyper-v and Azure guest. The link to the upstream patch follows:

Description of issue and solution:

The vmbus module uses a rotational algorithm to assign target CPUs to
a device's channels. Depending on the timing of different device's channel
offers, different channels of a device may be assigned to the same CPU.

For example on a VM with 2 CPUs, if NIC A and B's channels are offered
in the following order, NIC A will have both channels on CPU0, and
NIC B will have both channels on CPU1 -- see below. This kind of
assignment causes RSS load that is spreading across different channels
to end up on the same CPU.

Timing of channel offers:
NIC A channel 0
NIC B channel 0
NIC A channel 1
NIC B channel 1

VMBUS ID 14: Class_ID = {f8615163-df3e-46c5-913f-f2d2f965ed0e} - Synthetic network adapter
        Device_ID = {cab064cd-1f31-47d5-a8b4-9d57e320cccd}
        Sysfs path: /sys/bus/vmbus/devices/cab064cd-1f31-47d5-a8b4-9d57e320cccd
        Rel_ID=14, target_cpu=0
        Rel_ID=17, target_cpu=0

VMBUS ID 16: Class_ID = {f8615163-df3e-46c5-913f-f2d2f965ed0e} - Synthetic network adapter
        Device_ID = {244225ca-743e-4020-a17d-d7baa13d6cea}
        Sysfs path: /sys/bus/vmbus/devices/244225ca-743e-4020-a17d-d7baa13d6cea
        Rel_ID=16, target_cpu=1
        Rel_ID=18, target_cpu=1

Update the vmbus CPU assignment algorithm to avoid duplicate CPU
assignments within a device.

The new algorithm iterates num_online_cpus + 1 times.
The existing rotational algorithm to find "next NUMA & CPU" is still here.
But if the resulting CPU is already used by the same device, it will try
the next CPU.
In the last iteration, it assigns the channel to the next available CPU
like the existing algorithm. This is not normally expected, because
during device probe, we limit the number of channels of a device to
be <= number of online CPUs.

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