HP Z8 G4 WS RAID 5 issues with 20.04 and 20.4.2Lts DT edition?

Asked by Indrajit Dutta on 2021-04-27

Hi Team,

Good Day!! I need below information's please support.

Z8 G4 WS Details – 1TB NVME SSD, 3*4TB SATA
OS – Ubuntu 20.04.2
Issue Details – Create RAID 5 from BIOS with Intel integrated Chipset 3*4TB HDD but showing only one drive 4TB. Same setup we observed in windows showing 7.8TB Logical drive.

I Have below questions please support team –

1. Want to configure RAID 5 (onboard SATA Port) with Ubuntu 20.04 or Ubuntu 20.04.2 Lts DT Edition is it possible?
2. Latest Which OS version will support integrated (chipset) RAID 5 WITH 20.04.2 or 20.04 Lts?
3. If it's not possible what are those options or steps available for RAID 5 with Ubuntu 20.04 or Ubuntu 20.04.2 Lts?
3. Which RAID level support in Ubuntu 20.04 or Ubuntu 20.04.2 Lts 64bit DT edition software or Hardware (Integrated or with Add on RAID card)?

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Indrajit Dutta

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All RAID levels are supported. If the BIOS is presenting a single 4Tb drive then use that. 3 disks in RAID5 will give a volume of the size of one of the disks. If Windows is showing 8Tb then you haven't configured the array correctly.

You can use software RAID in Ubuntu. It's part of the installation. Just use the "Something else" or "advanced options" setting up the disks.

If you install with Ubuntu 20.04 and run updates then you will upgrade to 20.04.2 so you may as well install with 20.04.2 to get later package versions.


Thanks for sharing.

But as per RAID 5 technology accessable space is N-1 HDD space. Then it should be 3*4TB= 12-4TB Logical space?

I think we can replicate the set-up in VMware Workstation with multiple drives.

Let me try will update you.

Best Regards


One more thing not understand this comment "3 disks in RAID5 will give a volume of the size of one of the disks." If you explain little that will help.


Ahh apparently so. I just used a RAID calculator. I'd have thought the array would only give you the size of one drive using all 3 drives. My mistake.

Software Raid in the installer will help you setup your storage. Does the installer see 3 separate disks or the array?

Does the installer see 3 separate disks or the array? -- Yes

You can use mdadm to create the array

Hi Andrew,

Good Day!! I have tried "mdadm" in my VMware setup for RAID 0 it's working.

Hi Andrew,

Want to know RIAD 5 in Z8 G4 which was create through intel rapid storage technology will support Ubuntu 20.04.2 Lts 64 bit with mdadm.
If no what are those other options i can try for the same.


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